Friday, February 11, 2005

A freedmanslife update

Hi all

News in brief then...

- had a big brunch on Sunday, thanks to all in attendance for finishing almost everything and for some excellent cards and presents. In particular, I am enjoying the Bunny Suicide book, although I think Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail should speak to the Samrabbitans before doing anything so morbid.

- was on the radio this morning, my blood started to boil during a Radio 5 debate on the report out today about antisemitic incidents in the UK. Not going to say much here, as I will shortly post the first of my exposés on The Trouble With Anglo-Jewry.

- am getting rather addicted to the Su Doku puzzle on the back of T2 in The Times (check out for a flavour). Once you understand the concept, you will understand my amusement as my mother spent several hours last week struggling with a fiendish one, then when she finally completed it, compared it to my effort on the same one (took me about 20 mins) and found it was completely different. Seems that for her, part of the challenge is the mere act of transposing from the back of T2 to her own grid - she had missed out one number entirely, but miraculously still managed to finish the puzzle. If you're not chuckling, that's not because this isn't funny. Please now play Su Doku then re-read.

- went for a fun birthday treat with Helen (sister - the more often you read, the better your understanding of the characters in this soap) - an hour in a flotation tank at Floatworks in Southwark. It's basically a bath filled with warm water and Epsom salts in a big egg-shaped pod. The lights go out, the dreamy music comes on, the air temperature is the same as that of the water and your skin, so you can't tell the difference, and you feel like you're totally weightless. Yes, with that much salt, even I am buoyant. An hour later, after drifting in and out of a semi-conscious state, the lights come on, the lid glides up, and you find yourself still on the South Bank after 9pm.

- then went to a Filipino restaurant for dinner (thanks to the Times 3 courses for £10 offer - sweet). Especially worthy of note was the purple yam and avocado ice-cream. You heard it here first.

- business all shuffling along nicely, obviously can't say much... it does let me travel though. I'll be in the USA from 23rd Feb to 3rd March if anyone's about - Philly 23-24, then NY 24-1, the Oklahoma City (don't ask) 1-3. Promise I'll try and visit a few more places next time - maybe Indiana to see Shira (hi!), Milwaukee to see Josh and Ellen (hi!), and elsewhere on request.

That's about it, come back regularly to catch up on my news and to read some extremely intellectual prose.

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Anonymous said...

I shall be slapping a D notice on these blogs in future - you will be hearing from my lawyer

Respect Son - I introduced you to Sudoku.