Friday, July 22, 2005

It's official; the terrorists have won

Ladies and gentlemen, well done! You, the well-meaning liberal majority (or perhaps it's just a media-controlling minority), have let the terrorists win.

Your appeasement of terror was evident this morning during a BBC Radio 5 Live debate, when I listened in amazement as people were permitted to spout nonsense about how we were defiant, were not caving in to them, but should think about our position in Iraq and Palestine. At the same time, they waffled on about building airport-style security checks at stations and shopping malls, rather than thinking about cutting the problem off at source.

And of course a pro-Israel speaker pointed out that the BBC's refusal to call the blowing up of innocents terrorism was playing into their hands and skewing the debate. As soon as he started saying that the BBC's pandering to Palestinian terror and highlighting of the rewards they have got from it (world sympathy, Disengagement, 72 virgins etc) only encouraged that behaviour here, they told him he was being factually inaccurate and cut him off the air!

So I say to you the following, you who consider yourselves first and foremost British, you who don't want to die in London for what Tony Blair is doing in Iraq, you who believe the overwhelming majority of British Muslims abhor terrorism against kuffirs, you who believe these attacks were aimed at the working class, you who would also become suicide bombers if you suffered humiliation and poverty, you who would sell out Israel at the drop of a hat in the hope of avoiding the next 7/7, you who believe what happened yesterday and two weeks ago was terror that should be punished but believe that 21,000 attacks in 5 years is still no justification for building a barrier between the victims and the perpetrators, you who voted for George Galloway, Tony Benn, Jenny Tonge and Neville Chamberlain;


I accuse you of a failure to recognise and condemn terror, whoever it kills.
I accuse you of wilfully refusing to see this as they do - a religious war, instead of a political choice.
I accuse you of throwing away your national identity for a minority who despise you anyway.
I accuse you of a readiness to sacrifice moderate Jews who share your values to appease radical Muslims who wish to destroy them.
I accuse you of cowardice and appeasement in the face of mortal danger that will remain until you formally accept your dhimmitude.

Daniel Finkelstein in today's JC says this:

"All Jews are horrified by the London bombings. But many believe that, in the respoonse to them, there are the first hints of a wider understanding that the suicide bombs in London and those in Israel are fundamentally the same: at last the suffering of the Israeli people and the evil of the terrorists are apparent. If only.

In the immediate aftermath of the bombing, as is only to be expected, there has been little political debate. Few have said anything beyond expressions of dismay and anger. But the debate will come; it always does. And sadly, I do not think that the consensus will be: 'they bomb our buses just like they bomb Israel's buses.' Instead, I think that the majority will reason thus: 'they bomb our buses because they hate Israel.'"

There should be no contradiction in being a British Jew, but prior to these attacks, I was slowly coming to the realisation that I am different. I would never express that difference, nor my revulsion at the British chav culture that revels in its mediocrity, by killing the rest of you.

But your failure to confront the real causes of the atrocities being committed against you means that not only am I different because I am first and foremost a Jew, but also because you make me ashamed to be British.

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Thanks very much to Sotong Charlie at Zappeduster for the extensive quotation and kind words!