Thursday, July 14, 2005

Neville Chamberlain lives!

London, 1938. The clouds of war are gathering in Europe. Germany has annexed Austria and is making a play for the Czech Sudetenland. The first concentration camp is already up and running. In the UK, the Establishment is failing to clamp down on Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts as they terrorise the Jews of the East End. The government is also limiting Jewish immigration to Palestine at the behest of the Arabs. Neville Chamberlain returns from Munich waving a piece of paper that the nice Mr Hitler has signed, declaring that we will have "peace in our time". Thus he condemns 6m Jews to their deaths and draws Britain into a long and appalling war, when strong action to nip Hitler in the bud might have averted it.

London, 2005. The clouds of war are gathering in Europe. British Muslims have blown up tube trains and buses, and Al Qaeda have made no secret of their desire for more infidel blood. Terror training camps are up and running in Iraq and elsewhere, helping radicalised Muslims to learn how to kill infidels and apostates. In the UK, the Establishment is failing to clamp down on those in the Muslim community who contribute to the terrorising of the Jews here, in Israel and around the world. The government is also refusing to limit the immigration of radical Muslims into the UK at the behest of the liberal left; they have come in such numbers and acted so brazenly in promoting their evil credo that Britain's capital is known as Londonistan. Tony Benn, George Galloway, peace-loving Muslim leaders, the liberal left and assorted other intelligentsia and the BBC, insist on a resolution to the conflict in Israel/Palestine and the withdrawal of Coalition troops from Iraq, declaring that this will bring peace in our time. Thus they condemn thousands of innocent civilians to their deaths, and draw Britain into a long and appalling war, when strong action to nip Islamist extremism in the bud might have averted it.

In the aftermath of last week's events, I was hoping to see a real evaluation of the causes of terror, rather than the usual platitudes about Islam and terror being two words that have no association, about Islam as a religion of peace, and about British Muslims being integrated into society and wishing it no ill (I will deal with this in a later posting - but in short, I suspect it's partly true, and partly wishful thinking on our behalf). I was hoping that this analysis would avoid the usual traps of blaming the Israeli "occupation of Palestine" (read "Israel's existence") or the Coalition's fight to free Iraq of its despotic leader and the nutcases trying to fill the power vacuum.

Naturally I have been disappointed.

Rather than blather on endlessly about this, I will instead direct you to some excellent articles by far better writers than I, which eloquently argue my case. Firstly, read this article by Salman Rushdie written after Sept 11th. 4 years on, and Al Qaeda have been on a world tour, yet still the liberal left don't get it. Secondly, here's a reason why it IS related to Israel-Palestine - just not in the way you have been brainwashed to think it is - Gaza rejoices in our misery.

Now David Aaronovitch has not always been a friend of Israel, but it turns out he's alright. In this article, he asks: "'If we don't provoke them, maybe they will leave us alone.' You reckon so?"Best of all, he raises the point that isolationism doesn't work, and retreat just encourages them. Another writer who I have had my doubts about has rocketed in my estimation - I commend you to read the articles of Johan Hari of The Independent.

Another excellent piece of reading is by Charles Moore in the Telavivigraph, entitled "Where is the Gandhi of Islam?" He asks the question that many of us dare not pose in case members of the PC Brigade are loitering in the vicinity.

Now make sure you are sitting down, and have some smelling salts at hand. Here is a superb op-ed in The Observer (that's The Grauniad's Sunday socialist sister, not the local ad-rag) by Nick Cohen, that asks us to "Face up to the truth".

Of course, the strongest-worded articles that point the finger of blame where we dare not, come from the USA. Thomas Friedman, writing in the Sun Herald, hits the nail on the head.

I will finish where I started, which is with the direct link between Jew-hatred and threats to civilised Western society. This piece was written by Jeff Jacoby 3 years ago and puts it succinctly as to why our persecution is your problem.

More of my own views to come, I want to give you a head-start before I hit you with them! Also please visit some of the sites linked on the right menu bar.

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