Thursday, July 07, 2005

Safer in Tel Aviv

Firstly, to let you know that my family are all ok, thankfully none of us were in town this morning.

I thought today I would be writing the second missive about my trip to Israel; instead I am watching news of bombings on London Transport buses, not Egged buses.

I thought I would be giving my reactions to London's amazing success at winning the right to host the Olympics in 2012 against rival bidders Madrid, Moscow and New York; instead London takes its place alongside them as the host of horrific attacks at the hands of Islamic terrorism.

I thought there would be something interesting to write about the G8 summit, and the presence at Gleneagles of world leaders Blair, Putin, Bush et al ready to tackle issues of global warming and poverty in Africa; instead, the war on terror will dominate the agenda, some of the very people on whose behalf the terrorists claim to act will lose a historic chance to be helped by the West, and Blair joins Putin and Bush as a leader whose country is a direct target of murderers.

I thought the BBC might apply some consistent standards in their reporting by referring to "militant attacks" on London and that Cherie Blair might reiterate how young Muslims who carry out these attacks "feel they have got no hope but to blow themselves up", as she did on a visit to the Palestinian territories; instead, when it's Londoners involved, and the locations are Liverpool Street and the Edgware Road not Ben Yehuda and Allenby, they are terrorists, and nothing can excuse their actions.

Let's hope that the casualties and damage caused will be minimal, but that the message will finally be clear to the imbecile British liberal left-wing and the moronic leaders of "respectable" EU countries who follow policies of appeasement; every country in the civilised world must stand up to this threat, and stop claiming that it would all go away if the Israelis gave the Palestinians everything they wanted, or if the Coalition withdrew from Iraq, or if Russia gave Chechnya independence.

These terrorists - and their Western apologists - are enemies of our entire way of life. Unless we are willing to give that up, we need to make hard choices about how we contain and destroy the threat.


Mum said...
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zorka said...

i can't believe you're writing this. do you actually believe that if we used more shock and awe tactics in Iraq and allow israel to obliterate palestine things are going to get better?

freedmanslife said...

Sorry Zorka, very confused. Where did I say that? In fact, I resent the suggestion that I might advocate such things.

zorka said...

'every country in the civilised world must stand up to this threat, and stop claiming that it would all go away if the Israelis gave the Palestinians everything they wanted'.

your statement implies that that it won't go away if the Israelis gave the palestinians everything they wanted, and thus, they might as well ignore palestine's wishes and get rid of them altogether.

If you didn't mean it then it's okay. I'm all for peace and harmony with losses in pride on both sides for the sake of peace.

i'm sick and tired of ideaology its casualties.

Helen said...

arrrhh just left big long msg and it got lost.... computers... grrrr not impressed now... i'll try again later

Helen said...

Ok what I was trying to write before was.... I'm so gald to hear that you and all your family are well and safe, and since you, I'm sure are still in contact with people I am now longer in contact with, its good to hear they are safe also! We haven't spoken in so long its a shame it took for a terroist to get us talking, you know all you had to do was call me!!!

I went on to talk about the BBBC (British Biased Broadcasting Corp)reminding you that you shouldn't expect so much from them. You should know better, remember our meeting in Israel on the UJS trip where with met with that guy who said BBC policy is that the only people they will call a terrorist is a person who does acts against ourselves (however they frequently break this rule). He also said that the word neighbourhood was not an British term, however couldn't answer my question as to howcome we have neighbourhood watch in that case....

my last point was to the person who had written in your blogg already saying - no there will not be peace if/when Israel gives the palestinians all the want, because Israel can't do that because what the want is Israel and more....

Keep well and safe
Love always