Sunday, July 24, 2005

Volte-face: let's leave Iraq

Having been an ardent supporter of the Coalition efforts to overthrow Saddam and introduce democracy to Iraq, I am saddened to have to say this. It's time for us to bring the boys home. It's not because I believe we should be intimidated by the bombings in London - anyone except the Lefties, Islamo-fascists and their apologists/appeasers understands that we'd have been bombed anyway - there aren't any Egyptian, Balinese or Turkish troops in Iraq, are there?

Here are the reasons why:

1. Muslims around the world have complained bitterly and sometimes violently about the Western crusader-style meddling in their territory. They have overwhelmingly stated their preference for the alternatives to the UK/US model of semi-secular free-market democracy that they are trying to install. The alternatives fit into two camps - a theocratic state as vocalised in the form of Al Sadr and co, achieved through their suicide bombings that kill ordinary Muslim Iraqis, and perpetuated through Koranic rule; or the previous model of a secular Ba'athist state that butchers minorities and opponents. Surely it is anti-Islam for us to foist our values on the Middle East?

2. The new Iraqi constitution looks remarkably like the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel ones of the surrounding dictatorships and pseudo-democracies. They have already decided not to recognise Israel as equal among the nations, and not to support any kind of right to return of Jews thrown out of Iraq in 1948 and 1967. So much for avoiding the "talons of fear and ignorance"... So we seem to be wasting our time - the benighted leadership, as elected by the people and approved by the UK and the USA, is just as blinkered as its Ba'athist predecessors (and I daresay Islamist successors).

3. Let's withdraw from Iraq and see if the attacks on London really do stop. Of course, they won't. But that might provide a bit more of a wake-up call to Guardianistas, well-meaning but brainwashed liberals, the peace-loving majority of Muslims etc, that they are targets because they are infidels and apostates. Short of becoming a meshuggene Talibanised state where we all convert or die, we'll be a target because we're 98% non-Muslim. UK Muslims are apparently 92% anti-suicide bombings in London, which by the way means there are over 100,000 who we should assume support extremism and terror. Apart from that 8% and those who join them (what about the 47% who have no qualms about suicide bombings in Israel and 13% who approved of 9/11?), the others are committing the apostasy of living in a secular kingdom, and will also be rewarded with death.

So I think our position should be clear. Let's just agree that problems involving Muslims are not the place for the West to intercede on. After all, Islam is a religion of peace, and if we imperialist oil-hungry neo-cons in the West weren't stirring up the conflict all the time, the problems would disappear. Bad Dubya, bad Bliar! No more crusading for you!

This also means the following:

- The Quartet of EU, US, UN and Russia should stop pressuring Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians; the Muslim nations should instead rally together to resolve this (ahem, think they may have tried this before and got stuffed).

- Western countries and NGOs should concentrate humanitarian relief on non-Muslim countries ie no helping Iran (rejected) or Turkey after the earthquakes, no helping the Maldives, Malaysia or Muslim areas of Thailand, India and Sri Lanka (rejected) affected by the tsunami. Instead, Israel, one of the first countries to offer assistance even to countries who hate it, should reserve its expertise for itself and its allies. Similarly the USA and UK should feel no obligation to help out; instead, the oil-rich Saudis and Gulf royals could dip into their pockets for their brethren.

- No pressure should be brought to bear on Russia for its often brutal battle with the Muslim Chechens. Instead, their brethren should lobby the UN and see if they can have a resolution put through to stop the conflict and grant independence. After all, if the UN was the only organisation that could give an invasion of Iraq legitimacy...

- The International Court of Justice should stop the trials of those accused of massacring Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo, and hand over the leaders to a Shariah court so that we can see Islamic justice dispensed in front of the eyes of the world. Furthermore, the UN and NATO should apologise for their war on Serbia and should withdraw from Kosovo, allowing them to fight with pride for their independence against an overwhelming majority of pissed-off Serbs.

- Oil being Allah's gift to the Arabs, we should let them enjoy it for themselves, whilst we infidels seek alternative and less holy sources of hydrocarbons, meanwhile investing heavily in different energy sources altogether. Naturally, Allah will provide a miraculous replacement for the enormous shortfall in petrodollars before the entire Arab world descends into bedlam. Or of course, they could learn from a small, democratic impostor state in the Middle East that has no oil but in 57 years of existence has achieved a higher GDP per capita, universal healthcare and education, and European standards of living... d'oh!

- Last but not least, those British Muslims who believe Western society is decadent and immoral, and should be brought to an end (32%), along with 1/4 who sympathise with and over half who can understand the perspective of the terrorists, should renounce their British citizenship. They can either stay in the country as resident aliens but not sponge off a state funded by immorality and decadence, or can take a one-way ticket to the Islamic state of their choice.

In a future posting, I will post something about the genuinely peace-loving Islam that I still believe exists, even if it has become obscured from view in the current climate. There are many sects and streams of Islam which are totally compatible with democracy and what we loosely refer to as Judeo-Christian values. It seems to me that those with more hardline beliefs cannot have it both ways - I reiterate that you are either with us or against us. This is a clash of civilisations, not if Islam versus the rest, but of Western ideals versus medieval Islamism. It's time for the so-called moderate Muslim community to get off the fence.

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