Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gaza, first and last

I have posted on Gaza before, but now we are at the business end of Sharon's policy to retreat from Gaza. I don't want to add more, other than to share with you the following pictures and comments from Israelly Cool, which sum up my feelings perfectly.

"...I do want my brothers and sisters being expelled to know that I am very aware of your pain and sadness at being turfed out of your homes, for no other reason than to placate both Israel's allies and foes. And while our enemies sing and dance on the streets, we will be crying.
Note: To any of our enemies who may be reading this, and taking heart at the sight of soldiers and residents of the communities crying their eyes out, just know that crying, praying, discussing, and protesting are all our responses to perceived injustice. Shooting and blowing up innocent people are not."

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