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Withdrawal symptoms

A little look forward in time...

November 24th, 2005

In the 3 months since the Israeli retreat from Gaza, much change has been afoot.

After the street parties subside, joyous Palestinians overwhelm the PA policemen guarding the old settlements and take apart everything left with their bare hands, including the glasshouses and other small industries left by the Jewish occupiers, thus removing once and for all the possibility of maintaining sustainable agriculture to provide food for local consumption and export.

As Mahmoud Abbas continues to condemn terror on CNN but allows PA radio, TV and official mosque sermons to continue preaching jihad at home, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have free reign in Gaza. Rockets begin to rain down on Sderot, Ashdod and Ashkelon. Suicide bombers train unimpeded before launching themselves against Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. A wave of suicide bombings claims over 100 lives, rockets another 50.

Sharon loses a Likud primary against Bibi Netanyahu, as party activists see the Disengagement as having given succour to terror. Bibi promises to return Israel to security and pledges that the Palestinians will understand the direct link between the amount of terror they cause Israel and the amount of land Israel will eventually leave for them to have a state in the West Bank.

January 16th 2006

A few months later, the Palestinian Authority elections see Fatah and the PLO heavily defeated by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, at the ballot box and in the violence before and afterwards. With the Israeli Army gone, a seaport and airport in the hands of corrupt officials sympathetic to terror, and the border with Egypt increasingly porous, arms flood in.

Meanwhile in the West Bank, the separation barrier has been completed, but thanks to international pressure and the misguided support of the Israeli Left and activist Supreme Court judges, its route sacrifices the entire Jordan Valley, and abandons the centuries-old presence of Jews in Hebron.

Improved Qassam rockets from new workshops in Gaza and smuggled into the West Bank along the "safe passage" foisted on Israel by the international community, bring Tel Aviv, Netanya and Haifa within easy range.

As the death toll rises, Netanyahu, now only 2 weeks from a general election, masses troops on the border with Gaza and parts of the West Bank. The EU urges Israel to show restraint. The UN calls an emergency session of the Security Council to pass a motion enabling the international community to pose sanctions on Israel if they invade sovereign Palestinian territory. The USA and UK abstain; new members Germany, Japan and Brazil all vote in favour, and the motion passes.

The terror attacks continue unabated. The elected Palestinian leadership claims that they have a right to legitimate resistance because Israel continues to occupy land it won in 1967, as well as territory it was not granted under the 1947 UN partition plan.

March 2nd, 2006

A British Airways plane is struck by a Katyusha missile on take-off from Ben Gurion, killing all 300 on board. The British government condemns the terror, politely asks the elected Hamas government to rein it in, and withdraws all BA flights to Israel. Every European airline follows suit. In East London, Leeds, Gaza, Cairo and Baghdad, people pour onto the streets to wave green flags and hand out sweets.

Israel pledges to respond by destroying the infrastructure that has cost the lives of so many British citizens, and sends F15s into Gaza City and the West Bank, launching missile strikes against Hamas targets, both formal government buildings and suspected arms workshops and training camps. 60 people die, of whom 12 are innocent bystanders. The UN is once again called into session to condemn the Israeli overreaction.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown publicly reprimands newly elected Likud leader and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu for claiming to act in the name of Britain. The American government, under the guidance of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, echoes the condemnation, and lays out a timetable for the full withdrawal of its military aid if Israel doesn't back down and revert to its obligation to surrender East Jerusalem and most of the West Bank under the Road Map.

April 17th, 2006

Bibi sends troops into areas of the West Bank to set up a temporary extension to the barrier in areas from which rockets have been fired, thus reducing their range into Israel and protecting the coastal towns, parks tanks on the runway at Gaza airport and blockades the Gaza seaport, to prevent new arms entering Palestinian territory.

The Quartet, urged on by the Arab League, consider this an act of war on Palestine, and start a formal process of sanctions, along with possible intervention.

Iran tests its first nuclear bomb, and makes overt suggestions as to where the next one might be used.

OPEC cuts output and drives prices over $100 for the first time, in protest at the "illegal Zionist invasion" of Arab land.

The Arab League, with the notable exception of Jordan, but including Egypt and Iraq, begins calling up reserves.

Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hizbullah issue a joint statement demanding that the world force Israel back to the 1947 Partition Plan borders and allow a full right of return for refugees, or suffer the consequences. They threaten any country that "harbours Zionists, deals with Zionists, supports Zionists", and call for

May 4th, 2006

Rome: a car-bomb planted by Italian Muslims of Pakistani origin explodes at a business convention at which Israeli and Pakistani businessmen are discussing future trade. 44 dead.

London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Bradford, Rotherham: British Muslim suicide bombers blow up 12 buses. 142 dead.

Stockholm: young Muslim immigrants, brought up on preachings of violence and hatred unchecked by the over-tolerant Swedish government, rampage through the city centre, throwing grenades stolen from an army base into crowded stores and bars before dying in a suicidal gunfight with armed police. 87 dead.

Marseille: Al Qaeda bombers ram an explosive-laden speedboat into a supertanker in the harbour, abetted by local Algerian illegal immigrants. The detonation is so powerful that it sinks a cruise ship in port next to the tanker. 380 dead.

Madrid: in a macabre repeat of the 3/11 bombings, rucksacks are left on trains, which detonate on arrival at Atocha and Chamartin stations. 186 dead.

Hamburg: hijackers seize control of a Boeing 757 with 211 on board on take-off and plough it into an office-block on the waterfront, killing all occupants of the plane and many on the ground. 329 dead.

May 5th, 2006

The world rounds on Israel and demands theiy withdraw to the 1967 borders, pending a review of future border revisions.

The Jews of Israel voluntarily leave their homes, don concrete shoes, and walk hand in hand into the Mediterranean.


May 5th, 2006

Tony Blair, now Foreign Secretary, makes an impassioned speech at the UN, defending Israel's right to exist in secure borders, pointing out the historic anomalies of the borderlands, demanding that the Palestinians clamp down on terror and corruption and show the maturity required to build a state.

A bill proposed by John McCain, supported by Democrats under new party leader Bill Richardson, and by George W Bush, calls for the USA to provide military support for their only true Middle Eastern democratic ally. Condoleeza Rice considers resigning but is persuaded by Cheney and Rumsfeld to rally behind the bi-partisan position.

President Musharraf of Pakistan defiantly receives the credentials of the first Israeli Ambassador to his country, and calls for an end to religious preaching of anti-Semitism and denial of Israel's right to exist within secure borders. King Abdullah of Jordan mobilises his own army to quell an uprising of local Palestinians, and pledges to assist Israel by securing the Jordan Valley and preventing its use as a safe passage for terror.

The EU, counting over 1000 dead, announces a sweeping policy of revoking citizenship for anyone deemed to be a threat to national security. They put forward a motion to the UN Security Council to sanction a full invasion of any country found to have supported terror attacks on the West.

June 20th, 2006

After NATO intelligence-gatherers trace the terror attacks on Europe directly to governments in Iran and Palestine, the Quartet rips up the Road Map.

Israeli early warning stations on the Golan Heights spot an incoming ballistic missile from Iran, and fire a barrage of chaff and interceptor missiles. The nuclear device explodes 15 miles south of Damascus, and prevailing winds take the radioactive cloud away from the city. Al Jazeera immediately claims it was an Israeli device, and the Arab world, inflamed, marches in the streets demanding war.

July 3rd, 2006

The nations of the world unite against the non-democratic Middle East. NATO launches surgical strikes from bases in Afghanistan, taking out the entire Iranian Cabinet with a bunker-buster bomb, and destroying the Iraqi theocratic government headquarters in Baghdad. Israeli agents kill Bashir Assad with a bomb placed in a soft drinks can, and eliminate the Hamas hierarchy who believe their secret meeting-place in Gaza City is undetected - Israel had placed blocks of C4 under the foundations before Disengagement a year earlier.

The UN passes a vote proposed by John Bolton, and unanimously supported by every non-Arab state as well as Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and the Gulf States, to enforce full sanctions on any country that refuses to accept Israel's basic right to exist.

Oil prices drop back under $100 as Saudi Arabia agrees to recognise Israel and move towards democracy. Full, free and fair elections are called in Iran, Iraq and Palestine. Jordan decides to partition much of the area west of Amman into an autonomous state affiliated to Palestine. Egypt offers much of the Gaza border zone and Sinai under similar terms. Israel agrees a final barrier route with extra land south of Gaza and south-west of the West Bank being incorporated onto the other side of the border.

August 27th 2006

Islam across the world is subject to the greatest level of internal and external pressure and scrutiny. As moderate forms of Islam are adopted by diaspora communities and elected governments, a new level of dialogue and tolerance emerges between neighbours on London streets, Kashmiri valleys and Chechen borders. The Palestinians find themselves with a land mass greater than that of the 1947 Partition Plan. Stability and democracy spreads across the Middle East.

It turns out that the root causes of all the strife were in the unhealthy marriage of anti-Israel, anti-American rhetoric and the practise of the most stringent and extreme interpretations of Islam, including hatred and fear of democracy. With a firm and final warning that neither are acceptable, the world unites. To tackle the issues that affect everyone - shortage of resources, environmental change, poverty and illness - everyone will need to pull in the same direction.

August 27th, 2016

After a decade of relative peace following the final destruction of Al Qaeda and the states that gave succour to terror, Israel has been accepted as an equal among nations. Israeli technology has helped Arab states to diversify their economies away from oil, and has created agricultural solutions for many of Africa's problems. Israeli research on improving the efficiency of oil use has maintained oil prices roughly in line with inflation and has given the Arab world the chance of a graceful weaning off the black gold over the next 30 years. Peace and prosperity reign throughout.


August 27th, 2005

The world continues to demand unceasing concessions from Israel after their Disengagement from Gaza, whilst accepting platitudes from Abu Mazen; giving every incentive for continued violence against Jews by Palestinians - and Westerners by Islamists.

The Jews of Israel voluntarily leave their homes, don concrete shoes, and walk hand in hand into the Mediterranean.

The rest of the world follows.

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