Friday, September 30, 2005

pro-Bush or anti-Bush: face/off

Ladies and gentlemen! Democracy has finally pervaded the inner sanctum of Freedmanslife. Hitherto our policy of benign dictatorship had been working fine but this is a decision so momentous that I cannot take it alone. Please peruse the photos below and vote before Rosh Hashanah (Monday night) on whether my new facial fungus should make it into Jewish year 5766.

And if you think I look good or bad with the gubbins, here is my friend Doree looking sexy as hell with a face full of froth (there darling, I mentioned you!) - click the image to enlarge... also a caption competition for the best innuendos starts today and finishes in time for me to atone on Yom Kippur:


freedmanslife said...

A selection of the comments so far:

"as long as it's neat and you don't seem to have bald patches I'd say with bush, although I've been told it can tickle the bean if you catch my drift"

"The social scientist's answer: whatever makes you feel better about yourself. The Credit-Suisse employee answer: whatever is better for the business. My answer: the beard is quite cute but more self-confidence could be harmful, so I'd advise you to concentrate on your inner self. More appropriate for this time of year. SHANA TOVA !!!!"

"Anti-Bush, but keep the goatee... :)"

"Goatee. Looks good. Glad to know you haven't wiped the smug expression off your face."

Anonymous said...

really doesnt suit you, definitly get rid of it!

Anonymous said...

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

People, please don't encourage him! I have to live with it every day!! Have some compassion! Helen (poor downtrodden sister of blogger)

Anonymous said...

Definitely keep it! I experimented with 'facial fungus' this year and after asking all my work colleagues, friends etc the verdict was that a beard definitely suited me so I kept it for a bit. After much berating from my missus for it's itchiness (for her, not me) I yielded and shaved it off. I still cry myself to sleep over it sometimes (sniff, sniff)! :)

Most women, if they're honest will admit they do find beards attractive. I think beards generally give a man gravitas. In your case I'd advise that maybe you make the sides a little thicker...experiment and see what you like! Sorry Helen!


freedmanslife said...

Some more responses for you:

"This Beard Yes or No public opinion survey is a new twist on the legend of Narcissus, who bent to look at his reflection in the water and was turned into a narcissus flower. Here WE all sit, looking at TWO reflections of YOU on the screen.. What will WE be transformed into? (Michaelmas daisies? Pansies?).

In re your question (Beard Yes or No), it depends upon whom you are trying to impress. Our plausible, capable, slightly stocky , solid Freedman with neatly trimmed beard( a shade sinister like a character from Agatha Christie) will probably impress prospective victims/customers/investors/talent scouts more than clean-shaven
Michael F., who looks young, decent but ordinary in the photo. Not barefaced in the pejorative sense. An impressionable customer might buy a used car from this Michael.

In politics I am ANTI-Bush. In Freedman's beard survey, write me down as Don't Know."

"Not sure about PRO or ANTI Bushes or Shrubs......but I like the beard and we saw you with it when you were here (in Israel)"

"I vote for without (tho' I don't think the goatee is half bad--it took me a couple of revisits to decide). But I prefer clean shaven at the end of the day."

"from a man with facial fungus - lose it..."

"Personally, I liked the beard gives you a little something extra - cheeky! no less."

"You so have to keep the beard! It makes you look even more cultured than you already are and is befitting for the ambassador of class that is you."

"eww. get rid of it."

Also I should add that in shul on Saturday morning, there was a landslide vote in favour of the beard, with only Eva against. Unfortunately despite her pre-warning Lara, purveyor of quality on all such matters, to use her veto and make me shave it off, Lara voted firmly in favour too. All of my friends said the same...

So here we are erev Rosh Hashanah and the beard stays by about 30 votes to 8. As with the yom tov itself, you have until Yom Kippur to repent and vote!

freedmanslife said...

A final comment:

"I want, need, am compelled by my sense of taste and decency to go against the common opinion: I think the beard should go. Whilst it is dignified and clearly will demand the respect that you so deserve (!), it adds 20 years to you.

Ultimately, though, the choice is yours but bear in mind the aging effect of facial hair, no matter how well-groomed. Also, just to say, women may like the look of facial hair but not the feel; so would you rather be looked at or 'felt'.....!

Oh and I'm glad someone else mentioned Narcissus so I didn't have to!"