Wednesday, September 21, 2005

With me or against me

Dear friends and readers

Some discussions I have been having with relatives and friends here in beautiful Israel, combined with the continued disgrace of our media and government back in Blighty pandering to the Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism of the leaders of the Muslim community, have brought my thinking to a new plane.

I have in earlier postings referred to the shame that I now feel at being British. I can now say definitively that I take pride in being a Jew in Israel, because of something that happened during and after the Disengagement. Apart from the meshuggene right, who fought literally tooth and nail to stay in Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron, and apart from the evil, gloating hard left who enjoyed the sight of Jews being dragged from their homes kicking and screaming, 95% of Israel's population did something I do not believe any other nation could do in such a divisive situation.

People wearing orange t-shirts suddenly donned blue wristbands. Cars flying blue tassles appeared with blue and orange ribbons intertwined. For all we try to be more Israeli than Jewish, our quality of empathy and humanity broke through. The orange side accepted the will of the majority and the blue side realised the anguish of the Disengaged. Settlers and soldiers davened together for the last time then walked arm in arm from the synagogues.

This is what it means to be a Zionist.

In response, the Palestinians fired guns in the air and Kassams over the fence, burned synagogues and greenhouses, holed the border with Egypt, and declared that the West Bank, Jerusalem, Haifa and Jaffa would follow.

Meanwhile, visceral Jew-hatred continues unabated around the Arab world, whilst Israel-bashing is a competition sport in the European media. The British government and population has already forgotten who perpetrated the London bombings barely two months ago, and has rejoined its previous path to dhimmitude. And too many of my so-called friends believe it all.

I previously stated that you were either with us or against us. I'm not looking for you to stop questioning all sides. I'm not expecting everyone to make a mass leap for my side of the political spectrum. But here in Israel, surrounded by people who share my values, I feel at home. In London, I feel trapped by too many people who are either wilfully or blissfully ignorant of reality.

So in the absence of the media and government grasping this nettle, I at least need to know that you, my friends, can do so. Some of you don't get why I take criticism of Israel personally, or think I'm racist because I fear that the majority of Muslims in Britain are capable of supporting terror. I'm not asking you to agree with me on it, but if you don't get it yet, please delete my number, block my email and Tip-Ex me from your black book.

Before you decide, I would ask you to visit this superb website, Arabs For Israel, and see who else is brave enough to be with me.

From now on, you are with me or against me.

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Anonymous said...

With you buddy, all the way!