Monday, September 19, 2005

Your Jenin

From your Biased Broadcasting Company correspondent Orla Cretin.

Today the occupying British Defence Force entered a Basra refugee camp and demolished hundreds of houses and a police station. As civilians demonstrated peacefully in the streets, tanks rolled in, crushing hundreds of protesters.

Two British spies had been operating in the area, and were attacked by the Iraqestinian Authority police, who the British had themselves trained and armed to tackle the militants. In the firefight, the invaders assassinated eleven lightly armed policemen. Reinforcements from the Iraqestinian Authority arrived and placed them in custody.

In scenes reminiscent of the true democratic justice shown to Israeli reservists in Ramallah, Palestine in 2000, a group of protesters outside called for them to be handed to militant freedom fighters. At least 20 British tanks arrived, accompanied by Apache helicopters and F16s, massacring over 300 in the crowd as they demolished the police station walls in what the Basra mayor called "an act of barbaric aggression".

The British spies were not inside, and the tanks then rolled further into the impoverished town, acting on information from traitors to the Iraqestinian cause. Eventually, after house-to-house fighting which breached the human rights of the civilians who were sheltering the militants and resulted in the deaths of over 200 innocent people, the imperialist forces found their spies and made a cowardly escape.

The 85,000 occupation troops in the small town of Basra have caused hardship on the local population for over 2 years, providing only basic water and electricity to the impoverished residents. The British military commander in the area, now wanted in London for war crimes, claimed that only two policemen had died in a shoot-out that they had started, and that it had been a "tragic case of mistaken identity". He also pointed out that Basra had become a "viper's nest" for the militants, and improbably he said that claims of a massacre were "a fabrication".

Human rights groups such as Al Qaeda, Yesh Gvul, the Liberal Democrats and Amnesty International have been swift to condemn the British actions. Sir Mingers Crumble, Lib Dem spokesman on foreign atrocities, speaking from Blackpool, England, said he had "witnessed with his own eyes the death and destruction" and called for an immediate withdrawal of Israel from the map, and British state terrorists from Iraq.

Over 4,000,000 innocent civilians have been killed since the illegal Anglo-American invasion of democratic and peaceful Iraq in 2003.

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