Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Face/off: Judgement Day

Esteemed readers

This is the first time that people have had a mass debate over pictures of me, and I have enjoyed the experience too. Since my original posting I have had many responses from both sides, but the results are conclusive.

In terms of votes by reply and email, based almost entirely on photographic evidence alone, the pro-bush group leads the anti-bush group by a couple of hanging chads and a well-placed Floridian judge.

But the groundswell of opinion comes from those who have seen it and remarked that they liked it, not just to my hirsute face but to other (largely disgruntled) members of my family. My favourite is when people say "your beard is growing on me", to which of course I reply "actually, it's growing on me!" In Pinner, this rates as exceptionally witty repartee.

Even my father has now been won round, and I am hoping he will shortly start growing a matching piece of apparatus.

So it's now Yom Kippur eve, and the growth is staying at least until after Succot, when it will come in useful during the frozen dinners eaten in our family tabernacle...

I wish you all* gmar chatima tovah - be inscribed and sealed for good - and an easy fast.

* Gentile readers might like to note that the Bible commands any of you who live amongst Jews not to do work on Yom Kippur! I'm not sure of the definition here but anyone living in Golders Green or Edgware might like to research a little and skive off tomorrow in solidarity with your famished Jewish friends.

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