Saturday, October 01, 2005

Galloway helps support American troops!

A guest spot from Freedmanslife aficionado Roark... firstly, please click on this link to the full picture and have a good read. Roark picks up the story on why it's no longer listed on Ebay:

"It was shut down because "it had links". Which is a bullshit technicality. Perhaps one of the many pissed off parties filed a complaint. The irony is, they shouldn't have been able to because their accounts should have been canceled for bidding 9 million dollars and openly expressing the intent not to pay.

Oh, or the death threat still saved on MydotEbay. But their accounts are still active and in good standing. While having a nonprof auction with links to articles pertaining to the idea is a grave grave violation. One that didn't even warrant a warning or a chance to revise.

Also, somehow in the response process, I got sucked into EbayUK, rather than regular old ebay. So I'm replying to EbayUK about UK Galloway supporters snuffing out the auction. Hence no response whatsoever to any of my questions, or complaints.

*Update:* I just got an email from someone in the UK who is taking credit for having it shut down. Which is odd, because someone else in the UK just took credit for it moments ago. What does this remind you of?

So it appears that there are two ebay users, lucylola1982 and aka chef185 who appears to be from the UK, are not only sending me endless streams of hate mail for "having a charity to support people who kill women and children for a living", they've bid almost 10 million dollars, that's right, and admitted that its purpose is to derail the auction by not paying. Not only have they found my auction "disgusting", which is quite the compliment coming from those who find suicide bombers as glorious, but they have also expressed to me their wish for every American and British soldier to find their end in Iraqi soil.

This is precisely why this auction exists. To take the words out of mouths of people like them - people who think themselves humanitarians, and have them blow a gasket upon realizing we just made them humanitarians.

Their bids will be retracted by ebay and their accounts probably "martyred". Upon entrance to heaven, they will be greeted with 72 ebay accounts of the feminine persuasion that have never been used.

Had I suspected they even have a bucket to pee in, I would allow them to win and sue them. But people who have things to lose, would know exactly why Iraq cannot be handed to fascists. Wouldn't you agree?

Best, Raf [roark!]

PS Love your Israel posts"

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