Saturday, October 22, 2005

Guerin gets to see a real apartheid state

A joyous day! After the shamelessly Arabist Barbara Plett (she of the tears for Arafat) was shuffled off elsewhere, now we find that Orla Guerin, arch-apologist for Palestinian terror and enemy of good shampoo and conditioner, has been booted off to Jo'burg.

Let's hope she finds out a little more about what apartheid really looked like, and also gets to experience the warped society that has emerged, where unskilled, unsuitable blacks are given senior jobs in the name of reconciliation and rehabilitation of those who suffered. There, crime rates have soared, HIV infections will kill 1 in 4, unemployment is still high, the whites who for right or wrong have the education and experience to run the country properly are fleeing rather than being "phased out" gradually and sensibly, and a new black elite along tribal lines is rising to take its place. One set of problems has been exchanged for another.

Still, I'm sure Orla will find a way to make it all still entirely the fault of the oppressive evil racist white colonialist Zionist Jewish zealot minority.

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