Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Like lambs...

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner tonight. Freedom is a well-armed lamb." (Benjamin Franklin)

"I get my lamb from Silverman's, and believe me it's very tough." (Bubbie Freedman)

In Britain, the two wolves appear to be the Hard Left and the Liberal-Dhimmi classes, whilst the lamb is the so-called nutcase fringe like me and my partner-in-conservatism Melanie Phillips. Unfortunately, the reality is even more frightening than that. We are all the lambs and Islamofascism is playing the wolf. Its quisling friends will be eaten for dinner last of all but in the meantime they are useful tools for turning the institutions of our infidel democracy against us. It's just a case of when the moderate majority realise appeasement has gone far enough, and then how well-armed we are to be able to turn the tide.

Luckily, Israel is a well-armed lamb surrounded by a pack of wolves, including those in Europe who are wearing the proverbial sheep's clothing. It is not yet the time for the wolf to lie with the lamb in peace and tranquility. It is still the age of our neighbours beating plowshares into swords, fertiliser into explosives, people into bombs.

There is an interesting discussion to be had about how the historic problems of the Middle East (or in fact anywhere) come down to "competing narratives". Resolution of any given problem usually happens through a process of acceptance of the other party's narrative; not its accuracy, but their entitlement to difference and an understanding that over the period of generations, myth becomes legend and legend becomes fact and fact becomes right.

In Israeli-Palestinian terms, I have come to accept the wolf's narrative on that basis. But the Arab wolf has yet to accept the Jewish lamb's narrative.

The Christian European lambs-dressed-as-wolves-dressed-as-lambs have managed to manipulate it in the creation of their own narrative, which allows them to escape their share of responsibility for the situation that stems from the imperialist carving-up of the region, and their role in the Holocaust. Yet I accept that one too.

The problem is that nobody likes to accept ours. Could it be because ours is the oldest, most consistent, most rooted in history, and - worst of all - is the preamble to their own narratives?

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