Monday, November 07, 2005

Dream Ticket To Down Brown

From Guest Blogger Bison:

By today most of the conservative party’s 300,000 members will have received their ballots giving them the choice between a young, Blair-esque liberal and a grey haired, weathered traditional candidate as their future leader. Much has been written about the views, policies and distinctly unimportant private lives of these two men, but has the membership considered that, given the situation, there shouldn’t be a contest at all?

Perhaps it was only Mr Freedman and I that noticed, but whilst watching the extremely enlightening debate between the two leadership hopefuls on the BBC’s Question Time on Thursday night, it became quite apparent that they are both very capable prime ministers in waiting. Indeed, if it weren’t for the conservative party’s inbred short-sightedness, the two MPs would’ve banded together by now on a dream ticket hell bent on limiting the damage Gordon Brown will soon unleash on the country by beating him at the next opportunity. However, even if they both realised what this powerful union could achieve, would they be trusted (a la Blair & Brown’s deal) to agree on who should lead the party to success now, and who should bide his time to assume leadership later on?

My initial opinions on the two led me to firmly back David Cameron as THE man to beat Gordon Brown. They were formed mostly by the Tory party conference speeches where David Davis put us all to sleep and Mr Cameron seemed like a breath of fresh air. But when it came to the aforementioned debate on television I realised that Davis, naturally, had bags more experience than Cameron and this reassured me, and no doubt the public in general. He simply gives off the impression that he really knows what he’s doing, whereas the wet behind the ears Cameron was exposed as an articulate and charming puppet who could be a fantastic Prime minister, but like a good cheese, needs maturing.

So, if the voters in this contest can see past their dreams of taking back the reigns with a Blair-like figure (which the country would see through anyway), they should elect David Davis with Cameron as his apprentice, ready to fight against the fiscally irresponsible Gordon Brown and really give the country a distinct and obvious choice.

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