Thursday, November 10, 2005

"It's civil liberties in our time!"

Thank goodness for the brave Labour backbenchers and Opposition parties, who yesterday dealt such a great blow for our civil liberties! Their triumph over the sinister will of Blair and his acolytes in the police is a magnificent victory for the British way of life. We will truly have civil liberties in our time.

Indeed. The British way of life has become one of appeasement and blinkeredness, in which Blair is to be instantly distrusted, and anyone sharing his views to be ignored regardless of their qualification.

Civil liberties are vitally important. They are like Human Rights. I notice that there are two things - human rights and Human Rights. The former is a simple expression that each individual is entitled to their dignity and due process before a reasonable law. The latter is a political weapon wielded by the wild-eyed Left and the usual collection of prattling nouveau liberals who suddenly grow a conscience when anyone with some skin pigmentation gets a little chafing when they are handcuffed, but who have nothing much to say when the heads of Jews, Americans and other infidels are cut off in Iraq or Pakistan, or blown off in Israel.

These pillocks, who represent - for once - a small minority of public opinion (as few as 1 in 7 according to some polls), are apparently over-represented in Parliament. MPs ignored the advice from the police, which was based on worldwide data on intelligence-gathering around suspects, and concluded that it can take as much as 90 days (Sir Ian Blair actually wanted 120) to build a good case against terror suspects. Blair did not particularly ask for this clause to be put in; he did so on the advice of senior police and counter-terrorism experts.

I join those who say unequivocally to the Tory and Lib Dem MPs, and especially the rebel Labour MPs who voted against this clause: if anyone dies in a terror attack that could have been prevented by those extra few weeks in detention whilst a case was built against them, the blood of those innocents will be on your hands.

It is as commendable that Sir Peter Tapsell (Con., Louth & Hardcastle) was brave enough to vote against his party line on this as it is disgusting and disappointing that the current and future leadership of a party that claims to be "tough on crime" voted against it. They and Kennedy's moral stragglers claimed it was a matter of civil liberties. This simply is not the case. The number of checks and balances that ensure detention for the 28 days they did vote for merely increases and repeats every 7 days up to a maximum of 90 days. The civil liberties of the detainee would clearly be taken into account.

Meanwhile the civil liberties of the general public seem remarkably unimportant. Surely the Tories, leadership contenders among them, can't be pandering to the Left-Liberal-Muslim vote? Perhaps they should heed the response of an actual Left Liberal Muslim, Shahid Malik (Lab., Dewsbury):

"It is not the Government who have lost tonight, it is the British people. I think the Tories and Liberal Democrats have got to examine their consciences on this issue. The reality is we have denied the police and security services the tools they say they need to keep the country safe."

He was even more spot-on before the vote, for those misguided do-gooders who thought the whole Bill was a piece of Blairite Islamophobia. In answer to the usual leading questions from the BBC, angling for a Muslim MP to tell a tale of woe and betrayal of his co-religionists by the evil Bliar, Malik put them properly in their place. He would be voting in favour, with the support of most of the 18% of his constituents who are Muslims, because the proposal only deals with those against whom there are serious concerns of terrorist activity, and why after all should this be more anti-Muslim than anything else?!

We can only hope that for once the rebel and Opposition MPs will listen to public opinion and find a way to reconsider.

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Anonymous said...

Michael, I thought your use of language evoking memories of 1939 appeasement most apt. I think those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it and I for one am completely dumbfounded at this expression of unfettered idiocy and wrecklessness by our MPs.

What a bloody let down! The UK is far far from a repressive police state and it takes someone of unparalled blinkeredness to fail to see that democracy and those people who live in western democracies need legislation to protect themselves from fanatics intent on blowing us all to kingdom come.

The MPs have made their point very clearly to Prime Minister Blair - come the next election I hope we all make our point and boot these idiots out of office and replace them with leaders aren't afraid to step up to the bat and make responsible decisions in time of need. I hope these new MPs won't pander to the keffiya/ cardigan wearing, bearded lefty brigade.

We need to stop the world repeating 'never again' whilst consecrating yet another memorial for the victims of terrism, genocide and crimes against humanity. We need to put actions to those words and failure to do that, as was the case this week can only lead us further down that road and makes the world that little bit less safe.

I thought that the establishments in the West didn't really care for Jews, now I see they don't even take care of their own citizens.

I've had my rant now. Thank you!