Sunday, November 20, 2005

Jews in modern music shock

Firstly you are all thoroughly recommended to visit Matisyahu the rapping reggae rabbi for an enlightening performance. Watch for the halachically-ambiguous crowd-surfing scene! (hat tip: Bar)

Secondly, something cool and Jewish in Pinner? Surely some mistake! At last it has happened. No more schlepping to Hampstead, no driving to Edgware for one drink, no tubing it to town to spend a fortune on not very much!

It's Disco Cake at Pinner Shul. A classy party for Jewish over 21s on 21st January. For just £12.50 (Pinner Synagogue Members) or £15 (non-members) you could have a fun time dancing the night away to one of the best Jewish DJs around. Mention Freedmanslife and get absolutely no discount and a blank look.

Tickets will include two free drinks, delicious desserts from Cinnamon, nibbles and a chance to shake your bootie with all your friends AND meet new people too!

For tickets and further information drop me a note or a line, contact the organisers as per the flyer, and be sure to let your friends know!

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