Wednesday, November 30, 2005


ORFTORFU is a Freedmanslife acronym for One Rule For Them, One Rule For Us. It is usually applied on those occasions of rank hypocrisy when Israel or the Jews are judged by a different - and usually more stringent - set of rules than the other 200 or so independent states in the world.

In recent days, a possible example of ORFTORFU has occurred in our usually upstanding and fair courts. The brother and sister of the failed suicide-bomber who attempted to murder Israelis at Mike's Bar in Tel Aviv were found not guilty of failing to notify authorities of a potential act of terrorism. The case hinged on a number of emails, full transcripts of which can be found here.

Whilst they do not refer to terrorism or anything specific enough to know what Omar Sharif intended, the emails are clearly cryptic and not what one might think of as normal correspondence between siblings. References are made to disposing of material that may prove problematic and deleting the emails themselves. There are goodbye messages to his children and supportive comments on the righteousness of his mission from his wife.

Whilst this is circumstantial and subject to interpretation, I think it worth questioning what would happen if, in a few months' time, we find that the siblings or spouses of any of the July 7th bombers exchanged similar emails with the murderers.

Would the British public be as happy that they could have had no inkling of what was intended? I sincerely doubt it. But then, ORFTORFU.

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