Saturday, December 03, 2005

Aggressor from Pinner invades Iraq

Anyone notice that Norman Kember, the peace activist captured by those poor misunderstood "insurgents" in Iraq, is from Pinner? Funny how I'm the rabid right-wing nutcase from Pinner who supported our evil, Zionist-inspired crusade to take over the country, and I'm safe and warm at home, without a letter-bomb to defuse in months now, whilst that nice peace activist who no doubt marched against Blair's banby-killing bombs (and Free Palestine while you're at it), and went to help the oppressed in person, is most likely to come back to Pinner a foot shorter than when he left.

You see, I tread a line somewhere between Billy Connolly and Boris Johnson on this one. The guy knew he was running a lot of risks by going, but at least he wasn't inspired, like Ken Bigley, by money and adventure. His motives were good, but he (for which read "his type") lacked the hefty dose of realism that only gets administered to wishy-washy Stop The War liberals when they visit the people they think they are helping, and find that voting Democrat/Lib Dem doesn't stop them getting beheaded.

I hope Mr Kember returns home safe and sound of course. But in doing so, I also hope he brings a message not to continue turning the other cheek or making allowances for their cultural differences or their barbarity being a mere release of pent-up trauma of years of Saddamite rule. Whether you agreed with going into Iraq or not, for whatever reason (I think it was right to go in, but not for the reasons Blair used), the reality is this. We are there, democracy is beginning to emerge, Saddam is on trial for his life, and America really doesn't seem to want to run it as an oil fiefdom.

Oh, and the nutters will want to kill Whitey, regardless of your opinion on the rights and wrongs. Until we start understanding this simple truth, they'll keep hunting us down, and we'll have to keep fighting back. And the do-gooders will still see a moral equivalence between their intentional and callous acts of murder, and the collateral damage caused by trigger-happy Yanks.

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