Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Second Draft

Freedmanslife urges you to visit the excellent Second Draft website to get the lowdown on what has the potential to be the first Jewish blood libel of the 21st century (hat tip: LGF)...

"Who can forget the image of Muhamed al Durah, gunned down in a hail of Israeli bullets” at the very beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada? The impact of this dramatic footage on global culture is close to incalculable. It is one of “the most powerful images of the past 50 years,” one of the shaping images of this young 21st century.

Partisans of the Palestinian cause claim it reveals Israeli malevolence and wanton violence, murdering a defenseless child in cold blood, as telling today as when it happened. For Osama bin Laden, “in killing this boy the Israelis killed every child in the world.” For some in the West, it cancelled out the photo of the boy in the Warsaw Ghetto, releasing them from residual Holocaust guilt and unleashing a flood of comparisons between the Israelis and the Nazis.

To most Israelis and supporters it was a devastating humiliation, a source of guilt and remorse. Some, however, claim the footage was staged and al Durah was either unharmed, or killed by Palestinians. To them the footage reveals the ruthless propaganda and paranoid nature of PA media culture… the first blood libel of the 21st century.

Faced with such awful alternatives, many retreat to neutrality: “Who knows who did it?” “It illustrates the tragic devaluing of life in this conflict.”

But no case better illustrates the inadequacy of such even-handedness. There are genuine consequences to misjudging a case that provided major inspiration to the suicide terrorism that now plagues the entire planet and, if this is a Pallywood fake, it constitutes one of the greatest media manipulations in modern media history: a lie that has killed many and a shameful MSM cover-up. And therefore, correcting it offers a critrical starting point for both media reform and a reformulation of how we think about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Not surprisingly, the public has yet to see any of the footage in order to make up our own minds. It is now more than five years since the explosive storyline of Israeli child-murder first spread around the globe. Second Draft, which has already posted raw footage from that day, now offers citizens of cyberspace a look at the available evidence specifically about Al Durah, and, as with Pallywood, analyses of the media’s “first draft” of this story.

Come to the site, see the evidence, make up your own mind, and figure out what you want to do about it."

Been saying this for some time, but as one poster on LGF said, the media and gormless wishy-washy twits in the West believe the Palestinian version that shows the Israelis must have killed the child rather than the Israeli version told by ballistics reports and watching full, rather than edited footage, "because the Palis are an official Oppressed Minority™, theirs is given far more weight than that of the Israeli 'oppressor'."

Just a reminder here, other branches of the same "Oppressed Minority™" are killing you on your buses and trains. When anti-Iraq protesters play into the hands of terrorists by using totally absurd and unproven numbers of civilian casualties, often including those caused by "insurgent" attacks on fellow Muslims, to decry the Coalition actions, they perpetuate a situation of absolving the guilt of terrorists by giving them more excuses. Never mind the moral equivalence of collateral damage in striking legitimate military targets versus the intentional murder of civilians.

This kind of pandering comes back and burns all of us indiscriminately. Mohammed Sidique Khan didn't politely ask those who marched against Blair to leave the train before he blew it to pieces. But perhaps we should consider those among the people who died on 7/7 who were indeed vehemently anti-Iraq (subtitle Free Palestine) to be martyrs for their cause.

Ultimately we all run the same risk as the "peace activists" like Tom Hurndall and Norman Kember, because what they were either too blinkered, naive or unwilling to realise was that the enemy is indiscriminate and merciless in its abuse of its so-called friends and allies. The difference is the latter two had the temerity to go and make their stands in situ, rather than directly encouraging home-grown enemies, sensing our weakness and division, to spring up from within.

Hurndall died because he worked for a political organisation that wilfully put its members in harm's way, creating another statistic in the "grim calculus" of Palestinian terror. Either he does what the ISM claim is their job, protecting children's lives, or he becomes a martyr for the cause of their dinner companions in Hamas. Win-win for them.

Fellow Pinnerite Norman Kember, whose fate is currently unknown, was clearly there because as a good Christian, his morals dictated that he had to help. We shall set aside accusations that he was playing a missionary role and thus perpetuating the Crusader myth of the whole Iraq operation. If his captors release him, it shows the apparent mercy of Islam (the same mercy they showed whilst butchering Muslim convert, adoptive Iraqi and 100% genuine aid worker Margaret Hassan). If they kill him, they show the awesome power and divine will of Allah that their cause carries, thus rallying more support for their cause. I also think they understand that the revulsion their acts cause in the West is another tool to split public opinion between those who believe all the more that they must be defeated, and those who hold it up as a reason not to have entered and now to leave Iraq. Win-win for them.

The net effects of the actions of Messrs Hurndall, Kember and their ilk, along with their friends in the liberal press and chattering classes are several: the demonisation of Israel and the tacit acceptance of anti-Semitic attacks worldwide; the legitimisation of violence as a reaction by local Muslim communities in the West; and the increased likelihood that wherever we are in the world, we will be targets.

Well, dear world, Pastor Niemoller told us 60 years ago about what happens when they come for everyone else but you. History repeats itself. First, they came for the Jews. Then they came for the moderates and their un-Islamic values in their own countries. Then they came for those nasty neo-cons. Then they came for you, but you had turned all your swords into ploughshares and accepted your dhimmitude.

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