Sunday, January 22, 2006

Goodbye, England's Rose

The nation is united this week in its mourning of a true heroine, the Princess of Whales. After breaking up with her family, and making the front pages of the world's newspapers as she became confused and disorientated, and battled an alleged eating disorder, she died as she was chauffeured under a bridge on a river in one of Europe's great capitals.

First seen as a single female prancing around the Chelsea area, she caught the public's imagination and crowds gathered to see her wherever she was spotted. Paparazzi were soon in tow, gleaning whatever gossip could be had from her Royal minders.

But sadly, no sooner had she captured our hearts as we hoped and prayed she would be happily reunited with her loved ones, than she was snatched away. Now we grieve together, as we await news of how she will be honoured. It seems fitting that she is given a funeral cortege and service at Westminster and that flags be placed at half-mast over Buckingham Palace. A memorial fountain is proposed for Kensington Gardens, and Elton John has been asked to create a song for the occasion, entitled "Tallow Candle In The Wind".

Rest In Peace, Princess of Whales. You were the queen of our hearts and the people's princess.

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