Friday, January 13, 2006

Love's labour's lost

I have recently been inspired by the wonderful blog of Johannes Kerkorrel II, and reminded by the gentle teasing of a wonderful girl I should really have been smoother with, that the content of Freedmanslife these days has not much to do with Freedman's life. On the other hand, when I actually post something personal, Freedmansmother complains and usually makes me take it off the site. I shall press on regardless...

Among the many quirks I have are a habit of over-analysing situations and a pressing need for concrete answers, even if they are not the ones I am looking for. Uncertainty, when there is any means of being sure, is not something I like living with. So I enjoy the process of evaluating a given situation, exploring every possible outcome using the facts at my disposal, and making sensible conjectures to fill in the gaps and form an opinion.

This is partly why I enjoy having a blog. It's a great place to go and brain-dump as I try to fathom the various goings-on in the big wide world and attempt to draw some conclusions. It's also why, much as I would love to stimulate debate, I keep on writing regardless of the ambivalence of most of my readers. Anyway, until now I have largely kept my musings to newsworthy events and occasional TWAJ postings. But from now on I will try the occasional attempt to throw the net a bit wider. You have been warned!

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Johannes Kerkorrel II said...

Hello Mister,

It's Johannes Kerkorrel II here.

I happened to be 'passing through' some blogs and it brought me to yours (seemingly by fate?).

We all have our reasons for writing blogs. Some are rants. Others are viewpoints (often thoughtprovoking) and there's more often than not an element of oneself within it (kinda like Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) who once said about all of his songs...

"Maria is the only one who's not completely real. She's just an idea of someone I came up with when I was writing "Round Here." I mean, she's me. It's through the eyes of a girl, but it's someone very much like me struggling at the edge, not sure if she's going to fall off on one side or the other. It's a theme that's stuck through songs. So she keeps popping up."

It's your choice whether to open yourself to anyone who might read your blog and write about an event in your life that lingers long after it happened. Or something that you want your readers to know about yourself which ultimately shows that you are 'human', too.

Every blog I write is open to ridicule and I wonder when someone who knows someone who indeed knows someone who knows someone is going to find out who I am and sue my pants off for writing 1 or 2 particular blogs about events which happened in my life that I've shared on my blog site.

But they're moments I wouldn't change for all eternity. And in this world where everyone's so serious all the time and blogs take on the form of poetry or viewpoints on wars, politics and sport, for example; why not write a blog about the day you tripped and fell and an innocent bystander helped you to your feet; dusted you off and set you on your way again?

You're sharing another side to you and I'll bet that your readers (albeit ambivalent) might appreciate reading about an event that happened in your life which is real and humbling and is the essence of what we are all about.

It's the 'gravy' of life mah man.

I'll keep looking out for your blog to see how you're getting on.

Much respect