Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Watch Big Brother, support Palestine!

A marvellous Catch-22 presents itself on Big Brother tonight. Everyone's favourite dhimmi George Galloway (who declared himself the most famous person in the house ahead of Dennis Rodman and Michael Barrymore because "1.5 billion Muslims know who I am") is up for eviction. And here's the conundrum:

a. do we keep him in the house where he has a mouthpiece and can increase his public profile but could also completely embarrass and further discredit himself


b. do we vote him out, in the knowledge that a part of the money paid for the premium call goes to his nominated charity, Interpal?

Interpal have been in the news recently, having defeated the Board of Deputies in a libel case after the Board said they were involved in terrorist-related activities in an article a couple of years ago. I have no wish to be similarly sued, so instead I am going to quote from a Daily Telegraph article which points out that "The US Treasury department in 2003 described Interpal as a 'Hamas-related charity' and designated it a Specially Designated Global Terrorist, banning US citizens from dealing with it."

In case there are any lingering doubts about Gorgeous George's purpose for being in the BB house, he clears it up on the Socialist Unity website:

"Firstly it was for Palestine. Millions of people vote by premium phone and text lines to choose who should face eviction. A percentage of the proceeds goes to the charity of the participants choice. My choice is Interpal, led by my friends Ibrahim Hewitt and Ismael Patel in Leicester, Anas Al-Takriti in Leeds and Dr Azzam Tammimi in London. Like me Interpal have faced the witch hunters in Washington and the Zionist movement in London. But every smear against them has fallen away and the truth about their humanitarian work amongst some of the most oppressed people on the earth has prevailed. They don't get many opportunities to raise really serious amounts of money. My appearance on Big Brother will give them the chance to move up the Premier League."

Oh joy. An organisation proscribed by the US Treasury Department, fronted by a friend of Saddam and exposed recipient of dodgy cash, supported by a cast of millions. The terrible choice we are now confronted with is whether we allow him to perpetuate his views further. I suggest we vote him out before he says any more, and before the numbers voting become so big that the donations can pay for some serious damage.

In the meantime, solace can be found on this wonderful website, Hang Galloway. My preference would be for Galloway to drown in the spa whilst Barrymore is in the diary room, thus having a perfect alibi. Of course ex-Baywatch star Traci Bingham is on hand in the BB house to dive in and save him...

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Anonymous said...

The only problem with this dilema is that davina said on the 1st show that at the end of the three weeks all the charities, from each of the celebraties will get and equal division of the monies, no matter when they are removed from the show.
Therefore, no contest get him out fast. he should never have been allowed in, and not just because of his political opinions or because he is being such a bully in there (whcih is a separate issue but i really think it is disgusting the way he is treating, together with several older and so should know better celebrities, jodie marsh, who i have never liked but don't think she be getting treated the way she is) but because unfortunatly he is an elected MP. elected to represent his constituent, which is not something he can do from within the house. surely he should be censured for this!!!!
keep voting him out
Anyway hope you and family are all well - Happy New Year
take care, keep well and safe