Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated

The following are extracts from an address by Hamas Political Bureau head Khaled Meshaal at the Al-Marabat Mosque in Damascus on February 3 2006 (Al-Jazeera TV).

“Many of the Western countries which seek to eliminate terrorism are actually pouring oil on the fire of terrorism on a daily basis.”

“Do they not see that democracy works against them? They spend their money in order to undermine Hamas and to defeat it.”

“We say to the West that you have been beaten in Palestine and the defeat has already begun. Israel will be vanquished, and all those who have supported and continue to support it will also be vanquished. America will be defeated in Iraq. The nation of Muhammad will triumph in Palestine and Iraq and on all Arab and Muslim soil. Tomorrow, our nation will rule the world; this is a fact. Tomorrow, we will rule the world.”

“Our beloved Muhammad revealed to us that Allah promised us victory on the soil of Palestine against the Jews and the Zionist aggressors. The revelation is now being realised and we are witnessing its fulfilment.”

“Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated. Before they die, they will experience disgrace and humiliation. They relied upon Sharon and he has left them, and today they have defeated leaders.”

“Israelis thought that they could control the region through nuclear weapons, and then Pakistan obtained nuclear weapons. Now, Iran and other Arab states have chemical weapons. Israel has begun to sense that it no longer has supremacy in the region.”

“Today, we have imposed a new equation in the war. In this equation, we have stronger weapons, and we will therefore defeat them. We will defeat them psychologically and destroy their security before we defeat them militarily in the field. Gaza is the first triumph, and the elections are the second stage – and so it will continue.”

“I know that every Arab leader deeply desires the victory of the resistance in Palestine, and that Palestine will be liberated and we are therefore extending out hands and opening our hearts to the entire nation at the official level and at the popular level.”

“(German Chancellor) Merkel stated that democracy is not sufficient. A Hamas victory in the elections – how can it be seen as legitimate? When we said that resistance is legitimate, you said that it was terrorism, and now when we say that there is legitimacy in democracy, you deny it.”

“We are not scared of their threats. They demand that we recognise Israel. Really? They do not demand that the murderer recognise the right of the victim, but expect the victim to recognise the murderer. We will tour the Arab states, and we will meet with Arab and Muslim leaders.”

“We in Hamas have a system that can conduct the political campaign in the same way that it led to the military campaign, but in a different language and with other tools, and recognition of Israel is not one of them. The surrender of our rights is not one of them, and neither is the surrender of our right and our weapon of resistance. The people charged us with the liberation of our land, the restoration of Jerusalem and the holy places, the release of 9000 prisoners, ending aggression and returning five and a half million uprooted Palestinian refugees to their homeland.”

“I say to America, Europe and the West: You have an interest in improving relations and changing your policy toward the Arab and Islamic nation, as well as maintaining ties with the victors instead of with the defeated. Israel will be vanquished and the Arabs will triumph. The Muslims will win. Palestine will win. Change your policy immediately.”

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