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British newspaper prints anti-Semitic cartoon

London, 1st February 2003

A rally of over 50,000 Jews marched today from Trafalgar Square to the offices of the Independent newspaper, carrying banners such as "The world needs another Holocaust - for the goyim" and "Hashem bless Baruch Goldstein" (a reference to a settler who massacred over 50 Muslims in a Hebron mosque). Police refused to intervene and remove the offensive material from the marchers, many of whom were wearing Israeli army uniforms and carrying replica Uzi machine-guns.

The march took place following the publication of a cartoon on Holocaust Memorial Day (27th January) of Ariel Sharon biting off the head of a Palestinian baby, evoking, according to the Jewish community, the anti-Semitic blood libels of yore. The Independent had refused to apologise or remove their editor. When the editor himself appeared on the steps of the newspaper's office to speak to the crowd, several hundred members of the mob, by now whipped into a frenzy by Hebrew chants claiming the greatness of Zion, stormed the building, seized him and beat him to death, eventually throwing him from an upstairs window and waving their bloodstained hands at the gathered crowd.

In response, Gerald Kaufman, Labour MP and also a Jew, said "The labelling as anti-Semitic of Dave Brown's cartoon, which depicted the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a naked, child-eating ogre, was entirely spurious - but entirely predictable. Nor is it surprising that the lynch-mob was led by the Israeli embassy in London, once a respected diplomatic mission, but now the instrument of Israel's worst-ever Foreign Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu."

Tel Aviv, 2nd February 2003

Tens of thousands of Israelis today rampaged through the city, after hearing an inflammatory address by hitherto left-wing intellectual and writer Amos Oz in the city's Rabin Square. Oz concluded: "Our sufferings have granted us immunity papers, as it were, a moral carte blanche. After what all those dirty goyim non-Jews have done to us, none of them is entitled to preach morality to us. We, on the other hand, have carte blanche, because we were victims and have suffered so much. Once a victim, always a victim, and victimhood entitles its owners to a moral exemption."

The incensed crowd, with the apparent complicity of the police and military, attacked the British Embassy as well as the diplomatic missions of several other countries whose media had republished the cartoon first seen last week in the Independent depicting Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon eating a baby.

These incidents were replicated by angry Diaspora Jewish communities in cities around the world. The British Foreign Office warned that all UK citizens should be wary of entering Jewish neighbourhoods alone and after dark, and urged all gentile citizens to leave Israel as soon as possible.

Asked if the attacks were justified, moderate Anglo-Jewish lawyer Anthony Julius said the cartoons were "anti-semitic, in a fantastically irresponsible way, at a particularly volatile time". The UK Press Complaints Commission, rejecting the complaint, said it was "reluctant to come to a decision that would in any way compromise the ability of newspapers to make critical or satirical comments about nations or governments through the use of cartoons".

New York, 3rd February 2003

The World Congress of Chief Rabbis today asked the Jewish community around the world to hold a "Day of Anger" in response to the publication and subsequent republishing of what it said were "anti-Semitic and inflammatory" cartoons in the international press. As Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called for the Zionist press to organise a competition for the best "Muslim Holocaust" cartoon, the rest of the mainstream media was swift to condemn the outrages being perpetrated by the Jewish-Zionist community as a gross over-reaction.

The United Nations, European Union and American Congress swiftly convened today to echo the emergency powers being drafted by British Parliamentarians today to allow the police to arrest "Zionist provocateurs" carrying or wearing any item deemed to glorify Israel or its army.

As synagogues are shut down by police in response to the "Day of Anger" led by so-called moderate Jewish preachers, many are wondering whether there is a future for Diaspora Jewry given their obvious clash of values with the West.

The newly-appointed Independent editor Jill Ands-Posten pointed out that "the world is not afraid of the Jews; if it was the Muslim community reacting, that would be a different matter entirely. We would have had to retract and issue an apology - after all, we all understand about ORFTORFU."


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