Saturday, February 18, 2006

Did you hear the one about...

Did you hear the one about the 3 fascist antisemites? The first one has a hooked hand, the second one was let off the hook, and the third one expects the public to swallow his recantation hook, line and sinker.

Not very funny.

So Abu Hamza went down, Nick Griffin squirmed out, and David Irving is likely to be enjoying Austrian hospitality a little longer than he intended. The key seems to be that if you're going to say unpleasant things (funny how Jew-hatred is a recurring theme), you have to be careful. Here is a checklist:

1. If you want to deny the Holocaust, don't do it in Austria or Germany
2. If you want to big up suicide bombers, don't do it in Britain
3. If you want to be vile about Asians etc, do it in a plummy Home Counties accent

Whilst we're here, a quick reason why Holocaust denial is nothing short of antisemitism. Follow the logical thought process: if it didn't happen, then the Jews have coordinated a massive fabrication including thousands of "survivors" with cover stories, and used it to extort millions in reparations and an entire nation from the rest of the world. That's pretty much a libel against the Jewish people.

So here's a summary of what we have learned about how to say bad things. Put on a Home Counties accent and word it vaguely so you don't make any threats and your audience makes the necessary interpretations of what they think you are implying:-

"Wouldn't it just be a terrible shame for justice if the three fascist antisemites were to meet with painful and ultimately fatal accidents?"

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You are so funny. All your blogs are amazingly worded. You have the gift.