Sunday, February 26, 2006

PONJO night

Another Freedmanslife acronym for you, as the term goy is in some parts (prissy Yanks perchance?) considered to be derogatory. A PONJO is a Person Of Non-Jewish Origin. So last night was a double bill of PONJO parties, taking place in Pimlico and Clapham, neither area being renowned as centres of Talmudic study or homes to good shawarma places. I noticed some subtle differences about how Jews and non-Jews party:

1. Jews bring any old bottle of crap wine, knowing that it won't be drunk anyway; PONJOs bring any old bottle of crap wine, knowing that it will be drunk anyway.
2. Jews provide masses of delicious food, because that's what people are most interested in; PONJOs provide some light snacks to soak up the alcohol, and some nice grub for their Jewish guests.
3. Jews stress interminably about how many people will turn up, inevitably overcater regardless, and then are wracked with uncertainty about what this means for their popularity; PONJOs seem not to care either way and carry it off just fine (one party was small but maintaining an average IQ north of 140, the other was so crowded and loud that the Environmental people showed up because of noise complaints).
4. Jews have some dinner first, then show up at JMT (ie the stated time plus 30-60 mins), and leave around midnight, or certainly by about 1am because they always have "something on" the next day; PONJOs pitch up quite early and stay until dawn or the drink runs out, then sleep through Sunday.
5. At the end of the party, Jews say goodbye without leaving; PONJOs leave without saying goodbye.

Please submit any other differences that Freedmanslifers have spotted.

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