Friday, March 10, 2006

The Apprentice: who's the nutter?

This week's episode can be summed up in Sir Alan's own words:

"Nick keeps saying to me 'she's a wonderful, wonderful person, she's very calming' - and that's not what I'm looking for... The other one (Jo) is stark raving bloody mad - but so am I... I don't need another lawyer, Margaret, I've got you, if that isn't bad enough. I mean, you know, you couldn't sell a box of matches if you tried."

So let's get this clear. Sir Alan runs a very successful business by employing nutters and people who heat things up. And he also likes taking the mick out of Nick and Margaret - his mimicry of Herr Hewer was hilarious, and Margaret looked like she was going to burst into tears when he made his matches comment.

All in all, totally unfair on poor old Karen, who did very little wrong. I suspect that Sir Alan didn't much care for the steely calm, slightly posh intellectual, and knows full well that Jo makes great TV. If you're not cowering behind the sofa.

In terms of the task, it strikes me that the boys were lucky, as they were last week when they won by default. In short, each team had £1000 to buy 10 items in 10 hours, with the winner being the team which returned with the most money. Unpurchased items were billed at list price plus a fine.

This time, the boys, led by Syed, won by a mere £8, despite the girls being debited £140 for their missing item. In other words, if the girls had bought that elusive tyre, they would have been victorious - but alas, that female stereotype of not being able to read a map and follow directions meant a fruitless search. Also it showed that Syed's negotiating skills and leadership were probably not as strong as they seemed - or merely not as deeply analysed, especially as they were in contrast to Jo's combative style.

Other little highlights were the boys' lack of knowledge of gastronomy in not realising they didn't need to find a cooked lobster, Ruth's psycho eyes when offered the chance to bawl Jo out, and any moment where Jo continued to confirm her nutter status.

But after this week's firing, I think we should be questioning who the real nutter is. Jo runs an HR department, whilst Sir Alan heads a major corporation. So we can expect a certain level of poor decision-making, lack of understanding of business drivers, and an inferiority complex from one of them. Oddly enough, it seems HR policy and practice has more influence on Sir Alan than he might care to admit.

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Anonymous said...

If Jo wins, then Sugar will loose a mighty Apprentice fan. He's just showing the world that he's the bloody nutter, not Jo.

Karen, you were the best!