Tuesday, March 14, 2006

You're a lightweight, you're fired!

Without giving too much away, I am happy to report that our trip to see The Apprentice - You're Fired! was a success. Accompanied by Weetabix Boy, Bison, Freedmansister, Veggie Tuna and the Limmud '04 Power-Couple, we enjoyed a trip to deepest Hammersmith to watch Baggie Adrian Chiles and the panellists laying into the "lightweight" candidate. Suffice to say that if they gave stats on all the would-be apprentices, this one would in fact be the lightest weight. So no, Ruth, Paul and Ansell were not voted out. More tomorrow in my weekly review...

On the way back via some light Lebanese supper at Maroush, a deserted Oxford Street gave me and Bison a unique photo op:

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Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that Tesco's clearly puts Tuna in the Vegetarian Sandwich Department and hence it is perfectly fine to call it a vegetarian's delight.

On Alexa's dismissal, as you all know now, I concur.