Sunday, March 19, 2006

Zionist op-ed round-up

Feeling a bit lazy today so am going to set you some homework reading.

First up, the wonderful Irshad Manji, on "How I Learned To Love The Wall". The upshot is what we've all been saying - the bombers came before the barriers; the latter can be torn down a long time before the victims of the former can be resurrected.

Secondly, Jonathan Tobin suggests we "Pull The Plug On UNRWA". This despicable and corrupt organisation has been used as a conduit for the world's money to line the pockets of terrorists and criminals, and on a wider level has perpetuated the Palestinian refugee situation for political ends. Its director helped perpetrate the first big blood libel against the Jews of the 21st century with his lies about Jenin.

Thirdly something from the Freedmanslife archives; Charles Krauthammer on the Gaza Disengagement and why "Israeli Withdrawal Is Correct And Necessary". A few months later, his article seems all the more appropriate in the light of the Hamas election and Sharon's effective demise. The World Jewish Digest disagreed with the Disengagement, predicting that it would merely embolden terrorists and rally people to their side.

Finally, I dug something else out of the Freedmanslife archive that seems relevant now that the matter of Ken and his Nazi jibe has reached its conclusion. I think the man is an insidious little tyke and would not cry if something were to befall him that incapacitated him from doing his job (thanks for the wording, legal team!), but the Board of Deps scored a bit of an own-goal in trying to nail Mayor Ken for anti-Semitism on this one. Yes, he does seem to have an ongoing dislike for people and institutions that happen to be Jewish, is a rabid anti-Zionist and a friend of Jew-haters, all of which does seem like a curious coincidence. But as Johann Hari says here, "don't let the Livingstone row blind us to the real and growing threat of anti-Semitism".

Normal service resumes this week...

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