Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Restrained after all

Seems Freedmanslife was a bit premature in predicting a proper response from Kadimah. Apparently with Sharon still vegetating, Hamas are to be held responsible but not be brought to justice as thoroughly as some of us would like. So we're going to take the low-hanging fruit of the odd Islamic Jihadi, cancel some visas and residencies of Hamasniks in territories still udner Israeli sovereignty, speed up the barrier-building, and generally needle them a bit. Not sure what the magic figure of mangled Jews is before the Islamofascists get what's coming to them, but I would have thought 1,000 families saying kaddish in 5 years might be sufficient.

The Palestinian people (yes, people - they voted in and supported terrorists in kheffiyahs and fatigues, terrorists in dapper suits, and now terrorists in robes, but still terrorists underneath) have systematically attempted to destroy Israel through a thousand small cuts.

The message of Pesach is redemption. It should have been enough - dayeinu. As yom tov finishes, we can only hope for freedom to eat lunch, take buses and go shopping in safety, and that we are delivered from the fanatics of Hamastan beyad chazakah uviz'roa netuyah - with a clenched fist and an outstretched arm.

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