Sunday, April 02, 2006

Send them back to Iraq

This week the Mayor of London suggested that 2 Indian-born, British-bred Jews should "go back to Iran". He then apologised to the people of Iran for associating their nation with the brothers. Now, we know that he "doesn't have an anti-semitic bone in his body" according to his Jewish deputy, Nicky Gavron. This may not come as a surprise to those who have considered him spineless in any event - he may well have no bones at all in his body, anti-semitic or otherwise.

If it's ok for Ken to make such disgusting statements, I have a similar suggestion to make. Harmeet Sooden, Jim Loney and Norman Kember were released last week from captivity in Baghdad after a rescue effected by the SAS. In compliance with the requests of their organisation, and at great risk, they carried it out at a moment when the prisoners were unguarded, so no shots were fired.

Despite this, it took 2 days for Kember to manage a public show of gratitude to the rescuers, whilst Sooden has already gone on record to disparage them and suggest that a ransom was paid to allow the "rescue", the implication being that it was a PR coup. And the record of Christian Peacemakers as an organisation is despicable - extracts from their previous "interventions" in other locations, "Palestine" being a favourite destination, show their utter contempt for anyone but themselves and the so-called innocents they think they are protecting. No effort to understand the nuances of a conflict, no grasp of the risk that British, American (or Israeli) soldiers then have to take to ensure they are protected even as they hinder the job those forces are there to carry out.

So I say "send them back to Iraq". We don't want people like that here, undermining sensible action to support ordinary Iraqis and destroying the morale of our troops and their families. And if they are not willing to go back and spend time with those true Iraqis who treated them so well last time, then I apologise to the people of Iraq for this slight on their national character.

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