Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy birthday Israel

Today is Yom Ha'atzmaut - Israel's Independence Day. The little liferaft of democracy and enlightenment has been afloat in an ocean of theocracy, terrorism and feudalism for 58 years, after the bedraggled survivors of the Holocaust and the forgotten Jewish refugees of '48 found their way to a largely barren land.

With nothing but their bare hands, ingenuity, donations from the Diaspora, and the odd grudging assistance from the nations of the world, they built a country that survives daily attempts to destroy it, whether by physical, intellectual, economic, emotional or moral means, and at the hands of so-called Western intellectuals, the "Arab street", the world's liberals and fascists, and even other Jews.

That "little shit of a country", as named by the French ambassador to London, provides you, the world, with your laptop technology, your most advanced medicines and medical devices, your water purification and saving methods, and a mass of more esoteric gifts. You, the world, provide boycotts, anti-Semitism and moral equivalence. Is this what your liberal Hollywood darlings call "Fair Trade"?

I believe in Israel, right or wrong. I say this because I have realised that every country makes its mistakes, chooses from time to time a path of moral ambiguity, has men standing by to do violence so that ordinary people may sleep soundly. Israel has its lapses of judgement, but these must be set in the context of the challenges it faces, and the incredible restraint and care it shows, in absolute and relative terms. But only Israel (and increasingly its alleged puppet, the USA) ends up in the dock - sometimes literally - of world opinion.

How dare you sit in judgement on us? You, who perpetrated the Holocaust. You, who stood by in Rwanda, Biafra, Cambodia, Darfur, Bosnia, Chechnya, Tibet, Timor. You, who equate the responsibility for the death of a child eating falafel with his family in Tel Aviv, and that of a child whose parents send him into the crossfire of a battle between armed men. You, who bred your own citizens to kill you on your own trains, then pandered to their mentors. You, who took weeks to send aid after tsunamis and earthquakes, and allowed it to be frittered, and did not feel discomfited when our assistance was turned back for reasons of politics. You, who wilfully turn a blind eye to anti-Semitism because you place the potential danger to non-Jews above the real danger to Jews.

This is not another piece about a clash of civilizations. I no longer believe that there are civilizations to clash with each other, of the sense in which that phrase was coined. On one side is a puritanical desire to return the world to the Middle Ages through the practise of strictures so extreme and suffocating that it consumes all in its path. On the other side is an individualist, consumerist society which has lost its values, and only finds its voice when its safe, selfish little world is affected by action to improve the lot of others far away.

The neo-fascist barbarity of one, and the self-loathing moral suicide of the other, show two subcultures made mainstream, that are united only in seeking to shy away from responsibility for its circumstances and absolve itself of its sins by scapegoating one or more natural conspiracy targets - and hence in their ultimate desire to destroy the House of David.

Somewhere, subsumed by both cultures, are enlightened leaders and thinkers who are derided by their own countrymen, mocked as puppets of the insidious Jews. Until they gain the high ground of their societies, and pull the wool from the eyes of their compatriots, there is nothing in your future but despair.

So happy birthday Israel, truly a light unto the nations. Even when they prefer to sit in darkness.


Anonymous said...

Pride in any Nation is unjusified. One cannot choose where they are born. However, seeing something from such a one-sided perspective is ten times worse. Sorry to burst your patriotic bubble but you are not entitled to other peoples land, asshole. I am disgusted by you. That is all I have to say.

freedmanslife said...

Care to put a name to your rant? And I am not too clear on the relevance of your comment to what I wrote. Feel free to elaborate, I guess any debate is better than none, even if you choose to go with insults and superficial remarks.

Anonymous said...

Stirring stuff Michael, very moving and as will all your pieces, has uncomfortable truths which others, like the first fellow to post has difficulty swallowing.

In my old age I've learned that idealogues on the left and the assorted moral relativists who ascribe all evil to Israel whilst blindly keeping their house unchecked are not valid partners for debate or discussion.

Put simply, when you have an ideology you believe in, which is not borne or based in fact but totally believe it and have thousands of others who do too then relatively trivial matters such as hard facts and logic do little to sway their puny minds. I've seen it hundreds of times and frankly I believe in the Passover message of 'hake es shinov'. Set their damn teeth on edge, provoke them out of their sanctimonous, anti-Jewish self-righteousness and don't legitimise them with discussions. Attack the message ignore the messenger because whislt you may not convince them, at least you have a chance with the waverers.

There, I'm certain I've provoked someone now which was fully intentional!

Love the blog Michael, keep it going!


Anonymous said...

Well that told me a lot I didn't know. Seeems people in Irael provide us with every thing we need. Oh what a relief. How are the nuclear weapons going?