Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup fever

Sorry, dear reader, but this is the one time every 4 years (every 2 if the Euros are any good) where football takes over everything. Hence the infrequent postings and same old subject material. So I will keep it brief, with a whistlestop tour of events from the first 10 days of the tournament:

1. Whine Rouneigh's magical healing foot is suddenly fine enough to start a match - hooray!

2. Togo deserved to be trounced today and to go home in shame, after threatening to strike because their impoverished FA wouldn't pay them $200,000 each in appearance money (note that the average income in Togo is $1000 a year) - boo!

3. Harry Kewell mouthed off at the ref and is now trying to claim it was the heat of the moment (telling me what my heart meant), and was born out of his frustration at Australia's loss. Funny, I thought it was because an overrated sack of shit who wore the same number shirt as him had missed an open goal with the score at 1-0 - boo!

4. Anthemic highlights: the South Korean national anthem, a wonderful piece of classical music, so good that they accidentally played it twice in their opening group match; the marvellous T&T one complete with steel drums - hooray!

5. Anthemic lowlights: England fans repeatedly singing The Queen as if it's some kind of football chant, the morons; my Swiss cousin not knowing beyond the first line of her own anthem, but rushing in to hear it when Switzerland played Togo, and claiming that everyone was lip-synching - boo!

6. Refereeing moments of genius - Graham Poll's deft flick to Shevchenko in the Ukraine-Saudi Arabia match, and a crunching tackle at the end of Croatia-Japan - hooray!

7. The most perfect performance in living memory, Argentina crushing Serbia & Montenegro 6-0. The second goal was pure poetry - 24 passes, some lovely touches, a sublime finish, and all set to some classic tango by the BBC on their highlights programme - hooray!

8. Nancy's substitutions actually working for a change in the T&T match; whilst I felt for Owen, it was a signal of real intent to bring on Rooney, Downing and Lennon, and they turned the game - hooray!

9. Peter Crouch scoring but not doing the robo-dance - boo!

10. The many longing, lingering close-ups by the randy German camera crews of hot Swedish and Brazilian supporters during lulls in the match - hooray!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot the Ghana player pulling an Israeli flag out of his sock and celebrating with his players after they scored against the Czech Republic - hooray!