Sunday, August 06, 2006

Flak back

Since my posting "10 Things I Believe", I have been criticised by some to the point of being labelled a terrorist because of my apparently extreme views on the Middle East. One of the main bones of contention was this statement:

"I believe that journalists who wilfully misreport the situation, fail to intervene to save lives or help the injured, and in otherways reduce themselves to partisans, fifth columnists and shills, are legitimate targets for Israel to strike, whether in Beirut or Shepherd's Bush... The massed ranks of the liberal media disseminate their bias to ensure that the groundswell of opinion around the world remains staunchly on the Arab side, regardless of the atrocity, thus making it harder for the IDF to respond to attacks without the limitations and sanctions of the world being placed upon it. The media, by doing so, are placing Israeli citizens in danger. Israel has the right to respond to protect itself against the attack of the pen as much as that of the sword."

It turns out that many aspects of that posting were rather prescient of things to come. The current scandal over Reuters (and it will transpire, others too) doctoring photos, setting up shots, or allowing/turning a blind eye to set-ups, has come as a surprise to people. But not us. For too long, supporters of Israel have been accused of paranoia when claiming that there is complicity between willing journalists and the propaganda machines of the Palestinian Authority and Hizballah. Now there is a growing body of evidence of this double standard - or as Bibi Netanyahu pointed out in a speech in London last week, a triple standard; the Arab side gets overly favourable treatment, the rest of the world is largely ignored, and an impossibly high one is applied to Israel. It is a level that will always remain out of reach, for every time Israel strives to achieve it, however unfair the pressure on it to do so, more is demanded.

I could publish a host of pictures and the accompanying analysis, to show the kind of deception that has hitherto been lapped up by the media, and will no doubt continue to be so, as soon as the dust settles (if it is not airbrushed out of course). Instead, I think this sums it up very well:

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