Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Small, Open-minded World

In response to the posting I made a couple of weeks back, my interlocutor posted this response, which, whilst I may not agree with it, is at least open-minded and informative. I think it's best to read the original first, whilst aSW members can visit the entire original thread here:

First, I would like to express you my gratitude in expressing your deep thoughts about the Israelis society through the concept of psyche I tried in a clumsy way to nail it, this to better understand our current situation. You have covered many fields outlining the progress of your society and I thank you for that.

Thank you for acknowledging my efforts in that sens. Beyong the usual facts and events, I took and still take great interest during few years in trying to question myself on how I can better perceive your society to understand its motivation and its policies. It is a challenge for various reasons especially that I never travelled there.

The root of my research are aimed in trying to understand your state of mind. I already mentionned that in another thread that for me, once both sides understands each parties state of mind, peace can be achieved in 24h. That's why I mentionned in my prevous post the effect of Holocaust and the persecutions during centuries your own had to face. It is a huge trauma I have tried and still try to understand (understand is a big word because I believe one must be Jew to fully understand its effect). Out of it I came up with the need to secure its own community.

During 10 years in Algeria, we have been witnessing Algerian extremists acting like barbarians in their crimes. Trully the word babarian is generous for who wants to explore how evil a human can be against its own. Thank God we turned that page in our country since few years but for who goes there, despite the return of peace, there is a trauma people tries to not question yet because too fresh. It is hidden by a great sens of enjoying life as it comes but it will take time for the population to heal its pain. Long time. This fight has been only achieve by us and no one did help.

Our national psyche is made of lots of strenght and there is at the same time a quest for resourcing ourselves in our identity that has been denied during 132 years (1832-1962) of french colonization. We are considered as a tough people in North Africa because we are the only one with very few nations that had to fight during 7 years with our bloods for our independance. That gives us a strong sens of pride and nationalism in reaction to colonial humiliation. If you ask me how come some Algerian extremists could act like barbarians in cutting heads when killing for example children, I could answer you that may be because deep down our psyche there is something that is a result of historical oppression that still needs to be healed, in resourcing ourselves by rebuilding our collective conscious. I am not even sure I can be right about that and these are my own thoughts.

Hence, facing the brutal occupation Israel is doing, I do wonder where in your national psyche this strenght can be explained. Of course, we have to take in consideration various events and wars that challenged Israel vs Palestinians vs Arabs. That is why also I was questionning the lack of humanity on a global way when I see the strong support your government is getting from his population..

You are right when you are mentionning about the general fatigue because I do sense it a bit after two years of intense debats with few israelis I respect in this forum but also through some I have met because Israelis cousin of friends. I sensed that also when travelling in Carabeans where I met out of nowhere first time in my life few israelis who just spent their 2 years IDF. I sensed in them something like a fatigue and desire for peace. I am not blind Michael even if my post seems tough sometimes. It's because I understand a bit better your situation that I seem to be very demanding for more steps when it comes to making peace on a political topics. You have in common with Palestinians the same deep love for that Land you live on. If there is a sacred Land in this planet people fight for like crazy because deeply attached it's certainely the one you live in.

I agree with you about the generational aspect between those who faced army like you mentionnned and the ones who grown up with war stories. I believe this is the challenge of your generation Michael that can make the difference. This challenge is now on another context because there are more road to build peace upon if you compare our times to the Yom Kippour political context one (as per your example). That is why I fight hardly in this direction. Several bridges exist and they need to be used. You have bridges with Jordan, Egypt and several Arabs countries that wouldnt mind in building them once for all. The fatigue of your generation is the same for mine who would like to see this conflict resolved.

I often mention a lack of communication between Jews and Arabs. How come abroad we can be best friends and build strong relationship, but once in our respective Land, it becomes difficult and feeling a sens of schizophrenia ? I wont deny that the Arabs World, for various countries, there are still deep problems with extremism. I believe Israelis must understand that only Arabs can deal with it and know how, instead of being scared to have to face them one day.

Extremism is a common enemy Michael. Not only for Israel when facing Hamas but also for various Arabs States with their own. The only way to eradicate it is to face them not with weapons but with economic growth and complete recognition of final borders for the Palestinians.

That's what the world is waiting for and that's why the world is making strong critics against Israel. Yes, I can understand that you feel the world is disconnected of your realities, but your neighbours arent Michael. Instead of going to war against Lebanon, I believe that another way of dealing with Hezbollah could have been used.

The world today is challenged by 2 antagonists methods. One is proning the use of force and the other one prones the use of brain in the light of human history.

Look honestly what the use of force as method has achieved in past 7 years if not openning crisis. this is the same methods used against Palestinians, and look the result if not more extremism. Methods can be changed.

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