Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Freedmanslife Lexicon

Time for a change in spelling here on Freedmanslife. As regular readers would know (if they haven't all abandoned me during my recent sabbatical), the subject of the faithful of the Koran is oft discussed in one guise or another. So in deference to the odd mohammedan reader, we shall hereby be spelling things the way they are pronounced - by the people in question, and their sycophantic BBC newsreader friends.

Henceforth look forward to reading about the Musslim veil (not to be confused with the muslin veil), how great Isslam can be (as opposed to how great is lamb kebab), the human rights of Musslim Gitmo detainees (not to be confused with the human rights of dead WTC firefighters, beheaded contractors in Iraq etc).

And naturally, we believe that we should also defer to the wishes of our Musslim friends in pronouncing words that have been assimilated into English over many years but are spoken differently by them. So for example the word "Jews" is correctly spelt Jooz and much as we must add a "peace be upon him" after uttering the name of the Isslamic Prophet (pbuh for short), the word Jooz is to be followed with "zic" or Zionist Imperialist Colonialist.

Moving on, Israeli is now to be written and pronounced Isra-aliens, which is in keeping with the idea that the Zionist entity is in fact a tribe of extraterrestrial green lizards in cahoots with the Yale Skull and Bones club of which Dubya is a member, and the ubiquitous Freemasons.

It's good to be back.

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