Monday, November 06, 2006

BBC drops a bomb

The Beeb are running a headline on their website right now entitled "Female bomber strikes Gaza town". Even by their own perverse standards, this is the most rotten piece of manipulation, as it clearly implies that someone has attacked the Palestinians, presumably an Israeli woman.

Of course it turns out that this was a Palestinian suicide bomber who blew herself up as she approached IDF troops on an operation in northern Gaza to flush out the firers of Qassam rockets on Israeli civilians over the border.

The BBC continues its ever more contrived efforts to manipulate headlines and create an impression to the casual reader of Israeli onslaughts on the poor, defenseless, innocent Palestinians. It should be no surprise that Freedmanslife believes the Beeb makes itself a target for Israel to neutralise, as it seems to relish its role as a tool of propaganda for Hamas.

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