Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Freedmanslife in torpor

I was wondering to myself this morning, why have my postings here on Freedmanslife become so sporadic recently? I am just as opinionated as ever. Whilst I am busy, I always find time to write. Ratings have been pretty good since getting back in the swing of things a few weeks ago. But I have come to realise I am too depressed about the state of the world to try and fight it any more.

I feel like it's just me, "Mad Mel" Phillips, the green lizards at LGF and a handful of other Cassandras, howling against the wind. That wind used to be a gentle breeze, carrying with it the waft of unwashed lefties and the occasional Lenor-soft chador, but now it seems to be a gale that brings a hail of so-called respectable academics, journalists, politicians and religious leaders, augmented daily by the assorted muck blown from the gutters who take the route of appeasement, or ignorance - feigned or real.

Anyway, I made a list a couple of weeks ago, on topics to post about, and it keeps growing larger.

Why does the world hate us? Why are people so damn stupid? Why do I turn on the radio (ok, it is BBC Five Live so I should know what to expect) and hear thick white bread morons arguing with woolly liberal twits about how mobile phone masts cook their brains, how "British values" are to be fought for, but not if it offends any Musslims, and generally bleat without coming up with radical and constructive solutions? The answer to everything is how Blair is this, that and the other, and it would all be ok if we got out of Iraq.

Here's that list in full (well, shorthand):

Red Ken and Venezuela
midnight spooky girl
funny photos
one-itis (FPL)
end of Leb War
England football
JC weekly analysis
Paul Hunter
Independent uranium libel
Israel problem - heart, soul, body
Miller wedding
Tel Aviv regeneration
Expanding Jerusalem
TWAJ Pinner Shul
TWAJ United Syn
TWAJ faith schools
the still, small voice
milblogs weekly
Iraq and the exit
"normal" Israel posting
Peru blog, photos
French airport workers
BNP whites/IDS school failures
gambling laws

Anyone want to suggest some more, or request me to stop my bitchin' and actually write on one of these in particular?

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Anonymous said...

I vote for this:
"normal" Israel posting