Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lexicon II

Travellers on the London Underground may have noticed a series of stark red posters saying stuff like "Lord Browne! George is watching you". These slightly threatening-looking ads are to promote his new book "Heat: How to stop the planet burning", and invite you to visit his website Turn Up The Heat, where he attacks golden boy Chris Martin, and donor of $3bn to environmental R&D Richard Branson, as well as obvious targets like Lord Browne, Terry Leahy and our darling Melanie Phillips (global warming may be caused in these parts by the sun shining so brightly from her rear end).

Given that he comes from the same part of the political spectrum as those who started the Battle In Seattle, are currently supporting intifadas on the streets of Palestinian and French towns, and stood shoulder to shoulder with Hizballah this summer as they rained fire on Israeli cities then added smoke and smouldering tyres to pictures of their own, the title of his book carries the rather acrid smell of irony. This is a man who campaigned for the Other George's Respect Party and is a signatory to the Boycott Israel campaign.

Freedmanslifers who also pop across to our dear friends at LGF and elsewhere in the neoconoblogosphere will be familiar with the term "moonbat", as in deluded leftie. So an addition to our lexicon of things that are spelt one way but pronounced another is, of course, the author of said book, whose name is herewith to be uttered as "George Moonbat".

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