Thursday, November 30, 2006

This is why...

After yesterday's posting, a first hat tip to Garlic-Breath for this:

This is why I post even when I feel like a lone voice, and this is why we will prevail.

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Anonymous said...

"this is why we will prevail.."

For that single woman you have millions who have alot of "personal true stories" that will tell the world how the demons in Israel (aka us awefull jews) have brutalized them.

That woman is just 1 voice against a huricane of brainwashed madmans who are so full of hate they are willing to do ANYTHING.

Words are not effective anymore, and actions are limited, basicly we're fucked.

Just yesterday the soon to be minister of defence in america said "We can not garaunte that Iran will not attack Israel with a nuclear weapon even due to the possible outcome"
In addition to that he said "We will attack iran nor syria only as a last resort"

I'm sure he spelled it better, but what he meant by last resort for me means "If they'll whipe out Israel we'll start worring"