Thursday, November 09, 2006

Who's macaca now?

Well, we at Freedmanslife are actually quite chuffed at the potential outcome of the American elections. Having watched Bush and cronies bringing Zioneoconservatism into disrepute through their gross overspending at home and underplanning abroad, they needed a bloody nose.

Also the Green Lizard fall-back position was 49 Republicans and 49 Democrats with 2 (Democrat-caucusing) independents in the Senate, one of whom was Joe Lieberman. Due to the quirks of the voting system, if there is a 50-50 tie - ie Joe switches on a particular issue as he has indeed said he would from time to time - then the Vice-President, old Dick Cheney, gets the casting vote.

I think there is a wonderful irony that after losing as Al Gore's running-mate back in 2000, Senator Joe, leader of the Jack Bauer Democrats, can effectively be the Vice-President for the next 2 years.

Even more pleasurable was watching the whole thing hinge on Virginia, home to the moronic George Allen, who blew his campaign as the Republican incumbent with his ludicrous remark on the stump, calling an Indian-American of dark complexion - filming his speech on behalf of the opposing candidate no less - "macaca".

So despite the claims from the moonbat fringe (ie some of the US Democratic left and most of Europe) that Chimpy McBushitler had rigged the voting machines, set up concentration camps to round up opponents, controlled the media and generally bought the electorate, we now have 2 years of stalemate to enjoy.

At the end of it, we at Freedmanslife are hoping for a consensus government - the dream team of McCain-Lieberman - to lead us to a new era of Zionist world rule...

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