Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The End

It's been fun but I have now grown out of the need to seek your attention, and am sick of writing this pap, only for nobody to read it, or if they do, to largely fail to give it an interesting response. Thanks for sticking with me this far. Ideological, girl-related or Apprentice-cussing rants will now be restricted to personal appearances.

Time to be just like the rest of you, and have no opinion/keep it to myself. And possibly start using the internet for its main purpose - downloading porn... I'll reconsider my position once the hard drive is full.


Anonymous said...

What the...
First of all, just like the rest of us you can do both! :)
I mean there's no need to neglect porn! its one of the Internet mitzvas!

Second of all, I only now checked your blog and realized you decided to quit before I even met you :O
Can't say I blame ya, its hard writing with no comments, I promise to comment as much as I can in the chance you'll be back to write

Dan Balsamo said...

Hey! That is just not the right way to end it! There are still a lot other who'd want to write blogs like yours! Why decide on just use the internet for downloading porn? What are you, like my ex-boyfriend???

I was so pissed when this porn freak had nothing to do with my computer but to surf and download porn. What the crap was he thinking? While I was so busy writing my stuff, what I feel, my opinions and everything I could think of, here he comes putting adult-content pop-ups all over my desktop! I really hated him.

Hey, don't be useless like these people. You know why you're there and what your purpose is! Keep on spreading your work. This too shall pass.

Mel Balsamo