Tuesday, April 03, 2007

That big time out

Well, here we are again, 2 months after the last posting. Sorry about that. No real real excuse, just been rather busy with work, a spot of writer's block, and a sense of helplessness against the tide of dross that passes for journalism, politics and popular entertainment.

So a quick précis of the last 8 weeks:

1. The Apprentice restarted. I missed the first episode, but everyone's so disillusioned that I couldn't find anyone who had recorded it, to borrow from. So that's a write-off. Shame, as I gather the candidates are an even bigger bunch of morons than in previous years. The Big Koala must be sick of it.

2. A vague attempt at dalliance with the opposite sex ended abruptly when I realised she would only ever be my fourth love, after myself, my business, and my food.

3. Iran did some stupid stuff with some British soldiers. Of course there must not be too much of a fuss, let alone any military strikes, even if they are held in unknown conditions with no Red Cross or diplomatic access. After all, there is no casus belli in constantly harrassing your neighbours, sending help to terrorists, devising weapons of mass destruction, then kidnapping soldiers operating under international law. See how well we have learned from our mistakes in Lebanon? ORFTORFU!

4. Tony Blair got a bit closer to stepping down, David Cameron got a bit closer to succeeding him, save for the economy-fucking interregnum of the dour Scots bloke.

5. Some early runners and riders for the 2008 US election did a whip-round for funds, blathered a bit, and generally scared the poo out of most non-Americans that the world's only superpower, with 1/4 of a billion people to choose from, could produce a multiple Hobson's Choice.

6. Israel stayed on the map, managed a credible 0-0 home draw with England in the football, avoided making any important decisions on the future of the region, whilst slinging plenty of mud at senior politicians, most of which will probably and quite rightly stick.

7. Steve McClaren made himself the most hated man in England (after Tony Blair of course, the evil Bushitlerpoodle), for taking one of the best starting XIs on paper and making them look like cardboard cut-outs on the pitch. 52 minutes to score against Andorra?! Even I could manage it, and I play in goal.

8. Er... writer's block kicking in again - someone remind me what else happened...

More soon, supposedly I am on holiday, can relax and find time for this blathering.

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