Monday, June 25, 2007

The kidnappers' channel of choice

It's our fault.

If we didn't make things so desperate for them by giving them autonomy and letting them elect a terrorist group despite explaining the consequences, if we didn't put a sycophantic journalist from the BBC in their territory to unashamedly promote their cause (according to colleagues back in White City and local journo friends), if we just gave them everything from the Med to the Jordan, plus Abu Qatada and the other thugs they want released from British jails, an immediate departure from Iraq, sharia law in our courts, headscarves on our women, green flags on our institutions... then we could finally give these poor people some hope. Right, Cherie et al?

So poor AJ appeared today wearing a rather dashing tartan splodey-vest. Apparently, it's not because he is suffering from suck Stockholm Syndrome that he's agreed to get on a Number 22 to Har Nof, pop into a Tel Aviv disco, or visit Machane Yehuda Market for a firework send-off, though I would be happy to take bets on him justifying the actions of his captors if and when we get him back in one piece.

It's remarkably hard to fathom what his kidnappers are trying to achieve. Of all the correspondents, this is the one who was clearly on their side. Jon Williams, World News Editor writing from Jerusalem, said in a piece about his colleague:
"And in Gaza, I dare to dream that the BBC is the kidnappers' channel of choice."
Yes, quite. The pseudo-Martin Luther King bit sums the Beeb's position up nicely. They have made themselves the channel of choice for the enemies of Western Judeo-Christian capitalist democracy everywhere. What they still haven't fathomed for some reason (Norman Kember didn't get this either) is that appeasement or a genuine but misplaced championing of these causes will not stop these apparent "victims" despising them. In fact, they just mock the useful idiots and manipulate them more.

These same people tend to be the ones who believe in a conspiracy (whisper this bit: led by Zionists, the Bush family, the military-industrial complex or whoever) that our media channels have been subverted and are manipulating the public into supporting their evil, interest-led puppet governments.

I'm much more inclined to see a liberal conspiracy than a conservative conspiracy when it comes to controlling the press. So if it's ok for several "respected" writers to claim that AJ's kidnapping is the work of an Israeli false flag op, then I think I'll blame the BBC and claim that at last they have produced a decent and believable docu-drama. It's certainly making them the channel of choice for all things Palestinian (or I daresay general Muslim) "deprivation".

Monday, June 18, 2007

Keepy uppy

Apologies, have been a bit slack about posting, due to serious racking up of airmiles... about 20,000 in a week so far, and not enough of those were in Club Class for my liking. Watch this space, more to come. Might even backdate a few postings so that posterity shows me to be very diligent ;)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Cutting off the head of journalism

Some paraphrases from a sycophantic interview with a Palestinian media bloke on BBC Radio 5 this afternoon, after the release of the Johnston video:
"All journalists are invited to Gaza to see the suffering and poverty of 1.5m people who are diseased and starving. They are locked into an open-air jail and the jailer has thrown away the key. Journalism is an honourable profession, the press can be relied upon to report to the world about the horrors that go on here."
I'm trying to recall when this week I have seen British journalists reporting on the British-born widow of a man blown up by a rocket in Sderot this week. Even the excellent rantings of Melanie Phillips have not brought me out of the depression that has largely stopped me blogging recently. It feels like I'm banging my head against a brick wall - in fact, we all are.

Somehow, instead of the kidnapping of the unfortunate Mr Johnston triggering revulsion against the hostage-takers and the society that repeatedly allows this kind of lawlessness, it has brought all the usual Israel-bashers out in force, finding ever more imaginative ways to make it our fault.

Like the many-headed hydra, you cut off the head of one source of journalistic bias, and many more appear in its place. Metaphorically speaking. For now. Hey, who am I to mess with the will of Allah against the infidels?