Friday, June 01, 2007

Cutting off the head of journalism

Some paraphrases from a sycophantic interview with a Palestinian media bloke on BBC Radio 5 this afternoon, after the release of the Johnston video:
"All journalists are invited to Gaza to see the suffering and poverty of 1.5m people who are diseased and starving. They are locked into an open-air jail and the jailer has thrown away the key. Journalism is an honourable profession, the press can be relied upon to report to the world about the horrors that go on here."
I'm trying to recall when this week I have seen British journalists reporting on the British-born widow of a man blown up by a rocket in Sderot this week. Even the excellent rantings of Melanie Phillips have not brought me out of the depression that has largely stopped me blogging recently. It feels like I'm banging my head against a brick wall - in fact, we all are.

Somehow, instead of the kidnapping of the unfortunate Mr Johnston triggering revulsion against the hostage-takers and the society that repeatedly allows this kind of lawlessness, it has brought all the usual Israel-bashers out in force, finding ever more imaginative ways to make it our fault.

Like the many-headed hydra, you cut off the head of one source of journalistic bias, and many more appear in its place. Metaphorically speaking. For now. Hey, who am I to mess with the will of Allah against the infidels?

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