Tuesday, July 03, 2007

And of hope...?

One thing that I have to keep reminding myself of with Israel is that for every down, there is an up.

For every horror story from my cousins about what they saw in Lebanon, there is a beautiful wedding of a dear friend. For all the maddening bureaucracy and appalling traffic, there are glorious sunsets on Gordon Beach. For all the divisions in society, there's a sense of unity when it really matters.

For each visit to my wonderful older relatives and the fear that it might be the last, there are the wonderful moments, now captured for posterity (massive thanks to Bison and the Good Man for rescuing them!), of them singing, chatting and recounting stories of their childhood, misty-eyed.

For the countless times I have thrown my hands up in despair and wondered if we will ever find a solution to any one of Israel's big dilemmas, there's an old friend with a new opinion that opens my mind again to the possibility.

That's Israel, and as always, I am wondering whether my flight back to London today is homeward bound or a leave of absence from where I belong...

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