Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wakey wakey, morons

Has anyone noticed that those nice liberators from Hamas have the standard Palestinian dual agenda thing going on? We're all terribly busy patting them on the back, whilst ignoring that they still have Gilad Shalit in captivity and apparently with failing health.

And they have allowed the Dagmoush militias to keep all their weapons and escape any punishment, despite proclaiming to the media that they are able to keep law and order in Gaza. Some judicial process, that.

The reason for the let-off? The Dagmoush guys have been brave blowers-up of Israeli women and children, and are therefore heroes of the resistance (to the occupier that left a year ago?!?!). As long as they just point their guns at the yids, it's all hunky-dory.

Oh, and it also transpires that some of the bean-counters for the Dagmoush were concerned that the bad name they were getting might affect their gun-running business from Egypt, so it was best to call a halt to the kidnapping before they lost too much market share.

Real nice people, those Dagmoush. Johnston called them an "aberration" amongst a whole plethora of otherwise hospitable and warm Palestinians he encountered. I am inclined to think the "aberration" to think about is the one that warps Western minds into supporting various elements of these scum, when anywhere else in the world, they have no difficulty knowing right from wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Well first of all he's right, they are an "aberration", after all they kidnapped a worthy life , a none jewish/israel life or a gentile in short, actualy not gentiles, muslim life are also dispensable in those ugly european eyes!
How dare they do such a horrible act ey?

Anyhow, I saw a morning talk show (couldn't sleep) today, and they they had a phone call with a represantative from the Israeli BBC. she's an israeli jew, lives in israel and all. she totaly dismissed the issue of the talks they had ,about weather this act of "kindness" means gilad's return is near, saying its a totaly different thing!
Obviously she's right, but when she explained why its different it went on something like that:
"Gilad shalit is a uniformed soldier representing Israel while Alan is just a journalist representing nothing"
I was shocked to her description of basicly legitimising the act of kidnapping gilad as ok while saying alan's kidnap is wrong, as if alan's life are more worthy , as if gilad deserves punishment for being an israeli soldier!

That from the mouth of an israeli jew!
As for your previous comments, saying israel's soul is at risk, well those scandals only show how we are good at self examination, how things are being exposed out in the open and it shows the real face of israel, its public (relativly) decent face!
Its ppl like that horrible woman, (that Gais Hamishi!) its them who distroy israel's soul! a soul of unity and self presevation!

Every scandal in Israel , makes me happy knowing this shows that we DEAL with our crap and don't just hide it like the rest of the west.

btw how was your visit in this hot hot period (weather wise)? :D