Monday, August 20, 2007


It seems that Gorgeous George has made it onto Facebook, where he has managed to combine a good deal of ranting and propaganda with the usual self-promoting bollocks. Among other things, I especially liked the start of his "interests" space:

I’m consumed by politics, particularly Middle Eastern politics, and I’ve committed my working life to them and fighting to gain justice for the Palestinians. But I’m fascinated by international politics and social struggle around the globe and the effort to stop rampant globalisation and the creep of neoconservatism. I’m also a bit of a historian on the Labour movement and the party which used to represent it. I also have a twice-weekly, two- hour radio show on TalkSport so I don’t get a lot of time to pursue many other interests. I’m a passionate football fan, Manchester United – I actually scored a goal at Old Trafford! – and Glasgow Celtic, although I still carry a torch for Dundee United, my hometown team. They’re known as The Arabs, so who else could I follow?
Good to see that looking after his constituents is a high priority... it gets a look-in somewhere in the "about me" section. Also nice to see that he is really looking carefully at who he accepts as his Facebook friends - among the 123 from the "country" of Palestine (sorry kids, it currently only exists on maps of the past and future) - why, it's Ahmed Yassin, complete with wheelchair!

All the fuss about the BNP members having profiles and groups on Facebook, and advertisors unwittingly finding their products promoted on those pages. I'd rather them than this guy - at least the BNP plan on going after everyone else before the Jews this time, and in the meantime don't support and apologise for terrorists on our streets and others...

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