Friday, November 02, 2007


Just sat through the usual ITV emo-reportage about the poor hungry ill Palestinians, and how it was all Israel's fault. After showing some food trucks and warehouses, a man with colitis, some ambulances in a queue, plus a handful of rockets being fired (but of course none of them landing near Jews), then a rally of masked gunmen, we got an interview with someone from UNRWA, who blamed Israel for punishing "civilians" who have nothing to do with the rockets.

Did I miss something here? Those "civilians" voted en masse for Hamas, who are either firing the rockets or failing to stop them, then took sides in running internecine battles between various factions, who seem capable of uniting only to launch a few more rockets.

Meanwhile, Israel is supposed to supply power, water, fuel, food and medicine to these people. UNRWA and a sympathetic media can blame Israel for removing these services, but they seem to have forgotten the bit where the Arab world is sitting on the biggest reserves of oil and gas, a 25% stake in one of our major supermarkets, and where they and the Palestinian leadership have spent the last 60 years spending the money on themselves or trying to wipe Israel out, rather than build a Palestinian state worthy of the name.

But still, when Israel pulled out of Gaza, Jewish philanthropists around the world paid for the preservation of the massive greenhouses built on sand dunes, so a viable agricultural business could grow and the Palestinians could feed themselves. Instead, the "civilians" ransacked them.

The world gets very carried away by the little picture - individual suffering of ordinary people - which is heart-rending and unjust. But the injustice is being served by their own side - the perpetrators of violence - and the biased international institutions, politicians and journalists who think they are helping them - the perpetuators of poverty.

The big picture is pretty simple - have your own terror-led state whose main objective is the destruction of its neighbour, ululate on the street and hand out sweeties when Al Qaeda fly planes into Manhattan buildings, take pride in the death of every Jew, man, woman and child (perhaps even stone a couple of kids or shoot a baby), kidnap journalists who are actually favourable to your cause, scare the crap out of aid agencies who are usually also on your side so they have to leave, and you should pretty much expect to fend for yourself. Make peace, do trade, be stable, eat well etc etc.

The citizens of Nazi Germany voted for Hitler. They didn't then expect Londoners during the Blitz to send them food parcels or tankers of diesel. Why should the people of Sderot want to man the nearby gates to Gaza or the Ashdod refinery and do the same?

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